PPP workers from Riyadh region hosted a condolence sitting to pay rich tributes to Senator Jahangir Badr who passed away recently.

Syed Riaz Hussain Bukhari - PPP President in the Kingdom - was the Chief Guest who had especially flown in from Jeddah to join this event. PPP leader from Riyadh region Muhammad Asghar Qureshi was the Guest-of-Honor.

The program kicked off with a brief introduction by Choudhry Farman Saleem.

Tilawat was performed by Qari Badshah Khan.

Before the main event began there was a brief but solemn Oath Taking Ceremony from the newly appointed 5-member Adhoc Committee, Syed Riaz Hussain Bukhari took the oath of office from the following

1. Abdul Karim Khan – as Chairman 2. Muhammad Riaz Rathore as Secretary 3. Choudhry Farman Saleem as Deputy Secretary 4. Mohammad Malik Faqir Awan as member, and 5. Sardar Naseer Khan as member.

After the oath taking was over the main theme of the program thus commenced. This part of the event was conducted by Muhammad Riaz Rathore – the newly inducted PPP Riyadh Region Adhoc Committee.

Chief Guest Syed Riaz Hussain Bukhari paid rich tributes to the late Senator Jahangir Badr and called him a pride of Pakistan Peoples Party. “Men like Jahangir Badr are asset to any party and PPP remained proud to have him in its fold, “Bukhari mentioned. He also added that PPP has always stood for the fundamental principles of democracy which is to serve the poor people of Pakistan. He also touched base on the Kashmiris who were enduring excesses of the Modi government. “PPP has always stood beside the Kashmiris and it has always lent moral support to our Kashmiri brethren, “Bukhari added.

Newly elected Chairman of the Adhoc Committee Abdul Karim Khan in his fiery speech spoke very high about the late Senator Jahangir Badr. He termed him as the Lion of PPP. “Leaders like Badr are born in centuries and PPP remain proud of his loyalty towards the party, “Khan added.
He also mentioned that Badr shall remain in the hearts & minds of every PPP Workers.

Guest-of-Honor Muhammad Asghar Qureshi spoke at length in praise of Badr. “Badr is our pride. He served PPP selflessly and remained loyal to Bhutto and the generations that followed, “Qureshi said. He also added that Badr was a right hand of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and was very loyal to Benazir Bhutto and continued his loyalty even after her martyrdom.

Guest-of-Honor Sardar Sher Afzal said PPP will never forget the services for the party by late Senator Jahangir Badr. “He served party with loyalty and honesty and he remains a role model for our young generations, “Afzal commented.


There were several speakers form PPP workers, PYO (Peoples Youth Organization) and members from the Pakistani community in Riyadh. Those who spoke included: Siraj Ullah Khan Peshawari (PYO), Malik Abdul Hafiz Khan (PYO), Pervez Khatana (PYO), Sardar Naseer Khan (PPP), Qari Muhammad Anwer (JUI-F), Faisal Alvi (Darussalam), Yusuf Jutt (PML-N), Malik Shafiq (PPP), Dr. Riaz Chaudhary (Halka Fikr O Fun), Dr. Saeed Waince PML-N), Faiz Al-Najdi (PPP), Choudhry Nazir Jutt (PTI), Tassaduq Gilani (Bazme Riaz), Choudhry Binyamin (PPP), Fayyaz Gilani (PTI), Mahmood Bajwa (PML-N), Hafiz Abdul Waheed (JI), and Rashid Mahmood Butt (PML-N).

Posted on Dec 12, 16 | 10:50 pm