Countering Extremism: Language and Jurisprudence - BY: Jinnah Institute

As part of the ODI interview series, Jinnah Institute talks to experts to gain insight on issues related to democracy, governance, gender, and human rights. Our fifth video is titled "Countering Extremism: Language and Jurisprudence".

Our latest interview is with Humaira Masihuddin. We begin the conversation by asking her to conceptualize extremism, particularly through a discussion on the factors that lead up to it, and groups that are more vulnerable to such thoughts and ideologies. We then ask her to discuss the nexus between language, state policies and discourse, and extremism: what role does language play in perpetuating extremist thought; has language changed to reflect more extremist views. The interview closes with a set of policy recommendations to counter the spread of violent extremism.

Humaira Masihuddin is an advocate of the High Court, and a criminology consultant. Her experience as a consultant, and trainer in the the field of criminal law spans over a decade. She has also served as Visiting Faculty at Police College Sihala, Federal Judicial Academy, National Police Academy, and FIA Academy.

Posted on Jan 10, 19 | 4:06 am