[MAHviews] Create Pakistan Judicial Service - BY: Muhammad Abd al-Hameed

Dr Farogh Nasim Sahib

Minister of Law and Justice

Government of Pakistan, Islamabad

Create Pakistan Judicial Service

Dear Dr Farogh Nasim Sahib,

Central Superior Services include many services, such as foreign, police, income tax, customs, post. A member of a service rises to the top, without anybody usurping his right. Unfortunately, it does not happen in judiciary. High Courts and the Supreme Court get probably more lawyers in lateral entry than judges promoted from the district level. It is a gross injustice to judiciary. The lateral entry of lawyers as judges must be stopped. The Government should also have no say in the appointment of judges.

You may initiate the creation of the Pakistan Judicial Service, at par with other Central Superior Services. The provincial judicial services should be abolished. At the lowest level, the Civil Judge c** Judicial Magistrate will be in Basic Scale 17. He may go up to become on merit a judge of the Supreme Court.

A judge should get his last salary as pension so that he does not need to seek employment after retirement. The Government should ban employment of any retired judge at any post so that he may not be tempted to judgments favorable to the Government. It will ensure independence of judiciary.

Posted on Jan 10, 19 | 4:00 am