Dr. Manmohan Singh Was On Top Post Of Leaderless India - Views By: Balbir Singh Sooch-Sikh Vichar Manch


God Gifted Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh On Earth

1. God Gifted Prime Minister Even Does Not Know His Own Persona-Role Minutely: God Gifted Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh On Earth.

2. God Gifted Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, Who Even Does Not Know His Own Persona Minutely: His silence, patience, nature of not boasting, tolerance and mild smile about the behavior of intolerants irrespective of any party, individuals, with all these heavenly qualities, he is very near to the truth and sometimes no line can be drawn between Him, Truth and God.

3. About the intolerants-refusing to accept differences; showing an unwillingness or refusal to accept people who are different from you, or views, beliefs, or lifestyles that differ from your own-easily annoyed etc’ but as a human and politically, he used to say mildly that they- the intolerants are "denigrating the country" and he desired such intolerants should find more dignified ways of impressing upon the crowds and seeking their votes without resorting to statements which denigrate our country. To my mind, his pious comments are applicable for all intolerants in India.

4. Is Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh incompetent?

(i) Is Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh incompetent? Corruption versus Freedom or vice versa! The rise or fall of India! Leadership Crisis! We have right to disagree with the views expressed individually or otherwise on the subject.

(ii) There are people who agree that time may come, the World would discuss as how India remained united in face of spoiled system and being a leaderless country for a long period especially when Dr. Manmohan Singh was Prime Minister and his policies were prevalent without any other remedy in sight for India?

5. Then only 2-3 reasons are likely to be considered in reference to the circumstances presently prevailing and beyond control e.g.

(i) Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and his policies provided oxygen and artificial breathing to the country since 1990 onward economically as well as allowed looters (Politicians) to loot the country without any check to keep them mum and busy.

(ii) The criminals suppressing the honest were running the country in the field of administration etc by silencing people in India without justice in absence of ‘Rule of Law’.

(iii) The Multi-National Companies entered as friendly invaders like agencies to keep reviving India economically without inferring in the administration and suggesting any reforms except gaining ground for their own establishment to establish permanently in India.

(iv) To my mind, there is nothing to add except someone might give different and biased interpretation to the reasons but truth shall prevail through evolution without any bloodshed.

Thanks to all those who are mastermind in the process.

Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana: January 16, 2008

Posted on Dec 30, 18 | 9:35 am