Prime Minister’s House – University or Hospital - By: Munir M Hasan, PhD

Recently the Prime Minister of Pakistan has announced the establishment of a new University in the Prime Minister's House. To me, this decision is unwise because of the following reasons:

There are more than 150 private and public sector universities in Pakistan. The addition of one university is not going to make much difference.

There is already a postgraduate University, named Quaid-e-Azam University, situated very close to the newly-proposed university. Another university in the close vicinity is not advisable.

There is a long history of main political parties interfering in the universities through the students’ groups, and there have been students’ clashes in the universities. Even the Quaid-e-Azam University, although being a postgraduate university, was not spared and there have been clashes between the students there as well, and the university had to be closed several times. Newly-established university is likely to have similar scenes which will be highly undesirable in the most sensitive area of Islamabad.

If at all the Prime Minister’s House has to be utilized usefully, I suggest another better use of this place. Pakistani politicians, whenever they are apprehended, they have a habit of developing peculiar diseases which cannot be treated in Pakistan, and they make excuses to go abroad for the treatment of their diseases. So, this Prime Minister’s house may be converted into a state of the art hospital and provided with all sorts of necessary laboratories and equipment so that these elites can be treated within Pakistan and they should not have any excuse to go abroad for the treatment of their diseases. Other people may also get the benefit of this facility and save foreign exchange which is spent in getting treatment abroad.

Posted on Dec 26, 18 | 6:55 am