PM Imran Khan at Investment Conference in Riyadh - S Roman Ahsan

VIDEO - Prime Minister Imran Khan speaks at the FII Investment Conference 'Davos In the Desert' in Riyadh


COMMENTS: This email or post does not really fall under the theme of 'The Spiritual Awakening'. However, Khan Sahib spoke well in the session at the recent Investment conference in Riyadh. He was able to highlight the plight of Pakistan effectively and in a charismatic way. It is a treat to see such a Pakistani leader representing our country abroad. Even though we may have some disappointments associated with him but he deserves praise at this juncture.

Seeking financial help from Saudi government is not the best solution but to avoid or 'minimize' the IMF bailout as much as possible, it is not a bad overall deal / strategy for the government of Pakistan and consequently the nation. PM Imran Khan has also confided with the nation that Pakistan is acting as a mediator in the on-going crisis of Yemen.

As far as 'spiritual awakening' is concerned, a male moderator could have very well served the purpose or as a last resort, a female moderator dressed in traditional Islamic 'Abaya' with 'Niqab' (veil). The Arabs under the policies of Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman are becoming a little too liberal for comfort perhaps . . .

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- S Roman Ahsan.

Posted on Oct 26, 18 | 5:33 pm