Press Release: Korean Traditional Performing Art Troupe mesmerized people of twin cities at RAC


Rawalpindi, The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in collaboration with Rawalpindi Arts Council organized a traditional cultural performance for the citizens of Rawalpindi as part of its efforts to continuously strengthen cultural linkages between Korean and Pakistani people here on Tuesday late night. Ambassador Republic of Korea His Excellency Mr. Kwak Sung-Kyu along-with his wife flanked by Director RAC Waqar Ahmed, Ex RD Naheed Manzoor and Consul Inkook Kim graced the occasion.

The cultural event featured performances by the Gwangdae, which is a Korean traditional performing arts troupe of the “Goseong Five Clowns”. The troupe creates modernized performances which incorporate traditional folk arts such as Talchum (mask dance-drama), Pungmul (folk percussion ensemble) and Namsadang nori (all-male vagabond clown play).

In his opening remarks, Ambassador Republic of Korea Kwak Sung-Kyu said that “Finally, I hope an increasing number of cultural exchanges will take place in Pakistan and in Korea as well in the days to come. It is also my wish it would be instrumental in enhancing the understanding of the each other people, and further bonding Korean and Pakistani people closer culturally.’’

He also told the history of the Gwangdae in detail, “I understand their performance originates from “Goseong Ogwandae Play”, a mask dance drama of 5 clowns, which has been widely performed in Goseong, southern province of the Korean peninsula since the late 19thcentury. It was neither the story of royal court nor the upper noble class. But it was performed in the marketplace among commoners in the rural area. So, it reflects daily life of the under-class people. Of course, its themes focus on cynical satire against the ruling class and sometimes immoral monks.

The auditorium of the Council was jam-packed with the people of twin cities who enjoyed the fabulous performance of nine Korean artists. The event was ended up with presenting of flower bouquet to performers by His Excellency, Waqar Ahmed, Naheed Manzoor and Director ANF Riaz Ahmed Soomoro.

Sajjad Hussain
Deputy Director

Posted on Oct 18, 18 | 4:18 am