What made the difference? - BY: Arvind Kejriwal

After 3 years in government, we have a situation that the Delhi government is flush with funds but AAP is poor. Normally, in India, situation has always been reverse. After a few years in power, normally the governments go bankrupt and the parties become rich.

Delhi government’s work, especially in the fields of education, health, water and electricity, is being applauded all over India. Some initiatives like mohalla clinics, improvements in government schools and home delivery of government services have received international recognition (see links below).

What AAP is doing today is true nation building - improving education, constructing new mohalla clinics, schools & hospitals, providing potable water to each household, laying down sewer network, removing corruption etc.

All this could happen, because this is an honest government. The government could stay honest because it refused to collect money through conventional methods like taking certain percentage cut in every government contract for party funds. If we had done that, then we won’t have been able to achieve even a fraction of what has been achieved so far.

Our government has remained honest because Aam Admi Party runs on common man’s donations. AAP does not take big donation from a few corrupt billionaires. It raises funds from common people.

Many elections are coming up in the next two years. We don’t have money. We need money. We need your support.

AAP has launched a big monthly donation campaign to raise donations from the people called - “Aap ka daan, Rashtra ka nirmaan”. My family has donated Rs 20,000 per month. I am sure you will also become part of this nation building and donate to AAP, whatever amount you wish.

Please click on the link below and donate.
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Jai Hind!

Arvind Kejriwal
National Convenor,
Aam Aadmi Party


1. Washington Post covers Mohalla Clinic

2. The Guardian: "Its Revolution in Delhi"

3. CNN: Happiness Curriculum

Posted on Oct 18, 18 | 4:16 am