An open letter to Prime Minister: EMPOWERING LOCAL GOVERNMENTS - BY: Sikander Hayat Shah Peshawar Hayatabad

Mohtaram Prime Minister Sahib,


Government reforms on the above subject is welcomed. It is very important that meaningful Reforms are carried out to benefits the people. Therefore, knee jerk Reforms should be avoided.
I am not sure what Mr Alim Khan has planned, however, below is my input.

1. There should be a very clear legislative irreversible dichotomy of power between Local Governments and the province. This was not done by Gen. Naqvi when he established the Local governments. The provincial government should be responsible for overall provincial development and the local government should have enough funds to undertake local development. The development fund that was given to legislators may be diverted to local governments. The Nazim e Ala's (mayors), District and Tehsil Nazims do not possess quality education. Therefore, it would be proper that a Local Think Tank to conceive, plan and implement development is attached. However such a job will best be done if NRB is activated to advise the federal, provincial and local governments

2. The devolution should have four tiers of Nazim e Ala at the provincial capital, District Nazim, Tehsil Nazim and Community Centers of 5000 people in rural and 10000 people in urban areas. The local governments should be fully autonomous and administered through Municipalities like in UAE. In this manner the administration will be taken to the door steps of the people.The community centers should be the lowest tier of the local government and should have community schools, community OPDs and community courts. These community centers should have Khidmat, CPLC, education, health, civic education, social education, women development, sports and mosque committees to serve the 5000/10000 people in the center. This devolution will create a power structure from Grass Root to the top federal level. These community centers will become the academies for the future leadership of the country. that will serve the people. This will be the biggest innovative Tabdeeli that PTI will bring.

3. A special independent legislative dedicated fund should be created for the local governments either directly from the federal government or a major share holder of the provincial budget and allocation.of the NFC. This will create a permanent dichotomy between the province and local government.

4. Local governments should have an independent Police Commissioner who should report to the Nazim e Ala (Mayor). The provincial police should only be in aid of local government.. The top heavy administration should be reduced to cut cost.

5. The people of FATA have always lived independently and therefore it would be proper that the amalgamation of agencies into the union is done in a manner that such a spirit of independence is kept in mind. Further, the agencies have severe political and ethnic rivalries, therefore, each FATA agency should be made a local government with same privileges as the mainstream local governments. However, in this case the interior provincial ministry should protect these agencies in aid if demanded by the Local Nazim.

All the above is my concept and could be achieved at national level if I am allowed to activate the NRB.

Best Regards
Sikander Hayat Shah Peshawar Hayatabad

Posted on Sep 24, 18 | 2:51 am