Casual Thoughts - By: Munir M Hasan, PhD

The creation of a fund by the Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan for the construction of two dams is a highly credible gesture, which shows his sincerity for Pakistan. However, I feel that the required amount is so huge that it may be difficult to collect the whole amount by donations, and some other venues have also to be searched for this purpose.

Another point which comes to my mind is that the looted amount by the elites of Pakistan is so colossal that even a small fraction of this amount, if brought back to Pakistan, can build these dams comfortably. It is repeatedly claimed by various authorities that this amount will be brought back to Pakistan soon. However, the ground realities do not seem to match with this claim, and it is felt that these authorities themselves are not sure whether this amount will be brought back to Pakistan or not. That is why more stress is being given on the donations for the construction of the dams and no solid and immediate steps are being taken to bring the looted money back to Pakistan. The present structure of the “task force” for this purpose is not a hopeful sign. If bringing the looted foreign assets back is difficult and is taking time, why their local assets in Pakistan are being spared?

People of Pakistan want prompt results and their looted money back to Pakistan. They are not interested whether the former Na-Ahel Prime Minister of Pakistan and his family are in jail or are free to move about. In fact, the signs show that soon there will be an NRO and the former Na-Ahel Prime Minister will be out of jail. Similarly, people are not interested how many inquiries are being conducted by the NAB and by other agencies which are taking years and years without any results. Just to give a few examples of excessive and unjustified delays, Dr Asim and Sharjeel Memon were arrested and inquiries started many years ago with no results. The former CEO of PTV on the charges of corruption, has also disappeared from the news. Some time ago, two most senior bureaucrats working with the former Prime Minister of Pakistan and with the former Chief Minister of Punjab, were arrested for frauds and misuse of powers, and large number of other senior bureaucrats have been arrested, However, there appears to be no hope of any decision for or against them soon.

Not only the inquiries are taking unreasonably excessive time, but the decisions of the courts are also being delayed. These delays have been saving the culprits from the punishments. Six years have passed and no real culprit of the horror fire case of Baldia Town has been punished. The persons who ordered the killing of 14 people in Model Town, Lahore are at still at large and taking part in politics actively without any fear. Please recall that even ZA Bhutto did not kill anybody with his own hands, but was hanged. Large numbers of accused, for as long as a decade or more, are enjoying the privileges of “stay orders” from the courts. Can our honorable Apex Court release all the “stay orders” from the courts within a short period of time?

These days a lot of non-issues like number of cars in the protocol, use of helicopter by the Prime Minister, the economy steps in various official feasts, proposals for the utilization of Prime Minister’s and Governors’ houses, etc., which in my opinion are absurd and unrealistic, as these considerations cannot change the fate of the nation, are being discussed vehemently in the media, not only by the opposition parties but also by the government itself, and the issues which can change the fate of the nation are given secondary importance. People want to see the efforts being taken by the government for the betterment of the general public, which are hardly seen. In a very serious issue of character building of the young generation by revolutionizing the school education (I have written a separate article on this topic), it is recently learnt that a task force consisting of 22 members is under consideration. It appears to be a “ بھان متی کا کنبہ ” and is expected to do nothing. And as I said above, the present structure of the “task force” for bringing the looted money back to Pakistan is not a hopeful sign. This state of performance reminds me of a motto of the “Na-Ahel” administration:

“Look Busy and Do Nothing”

Posted on Sep 15, 18 | 5:28 am