More than 1.6 million violating expatriates netted in nine months - Saudi Gazette

Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH The Nation-Free of Violators campaign announced on Saturday that it has netted as many as 1,625,018 expatriate violators of the systems of residency, work and border security.

The campaign, in which 19 ministries and government departments are participating, was launched on Nov. 15.

It said 1,238,046 expatriates have violated the system of residency, 263,205 the work laws and 123,767 the system of border security.

The campaign said 27,208 were apprehended while attempting to infiltrate into the Kingdom from its southern borders of whom 54 percent were Yemenis, 43 percent Ethiopians and three percent people of various nationalities.

It said 1,228 people were caught while trying to exit the Kingdom illegally.

According to the campaign, 2,457 people, including 620 Saudis, were accused of providing transport to a number of illegal expatriates.

The campaign said as many as 12,465 violating expatriates are currently being kept in detention centers waiting to complete their procedures.

It said 272,244 were immediately punished, 412,381 deported to their respective homes and 227,194 referred to their concerned embassies and consulates to issue them with travel documents.

Posted on Aug 29, 18 | 7:55 am