RANDOM THOUGHTS: Politics and Divine Edicts - BY: Dr. A.Q. Khan

Politics and Divine Edicts
Dr. A.Q. Khan


Elections were peacefully held, thanks to the army’s assistance, though the days leading up to the poll date saw unfortunate incidents of violence. As was to be expected, the losers immediately started shouting that rigging had taken place. That is our history and to some extent it is true. Returning Officers, Tehsildars, Patwaris, Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners, Assistant Commissioners, SHOs, etc., all have an important part to play. The actual election results were more or less as expected. Some big shots were bowled out and had to bite the dust.

In many Suras of the Holy Quran, the Almighty has told us that He gives respect to whom He pleases and disgraces whom He pleases. First of all I would like to whole-heartedly congratulate Imran Khan and his colleagues on his victory. His single-mindedness and perseverance have paid dividends, even if one did not necessarily agree with his methods. Single-mindedness, perseverance and conviction drove the founding fathers of Pakistan and also drove us to achieve our goals, come what may. Imran Khan had once before proved his determination and planning strategies in bringing the World Cricket Cup to Pakistan. Then he set his mind to fighting corruption with great passion. He never compromised with tainted politicians. It was an uphill struggle, but ultimately he was successful. There were some shadows during this long struggle and some opponents stooped to dirty tricks, personal attacks, etc., but ultimately the voters were not deceived. They voted out those former leaders who did not do anything for their constituencies and who looted and plundered the country.

Imran Khan graduated from Oxford and during his years in the UK as a famous cricketer, and later as the (now ex) husband of Jamima Goldsmith, he moved in higher circles in the UK and other countries. He was Chancellor of Bradford University, he set up a university in Mianwali and, above all, he set up an excellent cancer hospital of world class in Lahore and a smaller facility in Peshawar. He definitely has many difficulties to face in the future but, provided he puts competent people in the right place, he will succeed. He must, at all costs, avoid the nepotism and sycophancy exercised by his predecessors. To give but one example, in Lahore, a B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering was given the portfolio of Health just because he happened to be the brother of Saad Rafique. Hundreds of qualified and competent doctors were ignored for the post. In fact, such cases of nepotism should be held up as examples to avoid. Best wishes to Imran Khan and his team. May Almighty Allah guide them to steer this country out of the mess they are inheriting – Ameen.

One hopes that he will not indulge in not-well-thought-through gimmicks. There are various ways of enforcing austerity. While one can understand his wish not to live in PM House, yet it is a symbol of the dignity of a nuclear country. Moreover, there are many people working there who need the jobs to support their large families. The salaries of fifty to a hundred workers probably do not amount to more than the salary of the management of a public organization, i.e. 15 to 20 lakhs. We are a large country – a nuclear country and a missile power – we should not project ourselves as an underdeveloped, poor country. The Almighty has blessed Imran Khan with success, but with it comes great responsibility and major problems – corruption, the economy and education. We all read and heard how a former Finance Secretary, accused of mega corruption, was granted bail while pickpockets and petty thieves languish in jail for years. It should also be remembered that there are edicts saying that, while we should have equal relationships with Christians, Jews and non-believers – i.e. trade and diplomatic relations – we should never overly fraternize and become their poodles. Please beware of foreign friends coming with best wishes. They usually have their own hidden agenda. Borrowing money from the World Bank, the IMF, etc., all having their own agendas and not necessarily having our interests at heart, have often led to the downfall of our economy. Our own expatriates should be asked to send money to salvage our economy and we should learn to live within our means and avoid excessive borrowing.

If asked, I could help his government with improving the quality of education in general and science and technology in particular. As qualification I can quote having been instrumental in setting up the GIKI in Swabi, a world-class institute at the time. Furthermore, I studied at the famous Technical University, Berlin (Germany); the Technological University, Delft (Holland) and the University of Leuven (Belgium), all three of them having put me on their websites as being one of their distinguished alumni. Everyone knows that, together with a team of competent, dedicated colleagues, we turned Pakistan into a nuclear and missile power within the short span of 7 years and using the most modern centrifuge method (which some intellectuals tauntingly named as Madhni technology). KRL is still one of the best and most advanced organizations in Pakistan.

Nawaz Sharif and his sycophant cronies have been given judgement by the voters. We know that the Almighty abhors and detests arrogance. Therefore, nobody, not even his worst enemies, should rejoice at his downfall, but should try to learn from his mistakes and avoid making the same ones. The Almighty forgives (elevates in status) whom He pleases and punishes (disgraces) whom He pleases. Nawaz Sharif surrounded himself with cronies who were not necessarily competent or honest, but were Yes Men and willing to obey all orders. His Minister for Planning, a self-proclaimed Doctor and Professor, made a mess of the job. Someone who had no experience in running even a retail outlet was made responsible of running a country of 220 million. He was also arrogant and there are warnings against this in Surahs Nahl, Zumar, Ahqaf, Infifar, Bani Isreal, Momin, Najm, Qamar, etc. Take heed, Imran Khan, and good luck for the future – God knows the country needs it!

Posted on Aug 07, 18 | 6:30 am