Degradation of National and Provincial Assemblies of Pakistan - By: Munir M Hasan, PhD

The 2018 general elections in Pakistan for the National and the Provincial assemblies will be held soon. These assemblies are basically Law-making and policies making bodies and the members of these assemblies have no administrative role to play. However, in Pakistan the roles of these assemblies have been badly deteriorated. During the elections of these assemblies the points which should have been discussed and the manifestos of the political parties should have highlighted the issues such as foreign policies and the relationship with other countries, agricultural and industrial development policies, trade policies with other countries and how it is going to benefit Pakistan, policies to reduce rather eliminate terrorism, policies to eliminate corruption in the country and the making of laws to achieve certain well-defined goals on the above-mentioned issues and many other similar issues. At the provincial levels the education and health policies should be defined so that at the time of budget-making these policies and manifestos should be kept in mind. However, in Pakistan these things do not exist and mostly the decisions are taken by the Federal and Provincial governments on the spot like kings.

These days it is seen that the various TV channels show the programs and the conversations between the candidates and the voters which are mostly related to the civic amenities such as repairing of the roads, provision of the water, clogging of the drainage system with the result that the drainage water overflows on the roads and in the streets, disposal of the garbage, and other similar municipal issues. These are the responsibilities of the local/ municipal governments rather than the responsibilities of the Federal or Provincial governments. In fact, these issues should be discussed at the time of the elections of the municipalities, but these issues are being discussed at the time of National elections. This shows that the level of Pakistani national and provincial assemblies has been degraded to the level of municipalities. What an unfortunate downfall of the national institutions in Pakistan.

Posted on Jul 21, 18 | 10:35 am