RE: Urdu article "Misleading Propaganda and NawaZ Sharif" South Asian Pulse - BY: Mahboob A. Khawaja

You have hihglighted several important facts and issues which are often ignored or denied by the political culprits and criminals. After prolonged institutionalized treachery and
criminal behavior, Nawaz Sharif and his group will never admit of any wrong doing. Sharif, Bhuttos, Zardari and Musharaf - all have betrayed the national interests of Pakistan and pursued personalized agendas while in power thru unfair means. None of them were leaders but stooges of the foreign exploitative interest to undermine the present and future of the nation. In several of my articles, I have raised these issues time and again to see if there are THINKING people in our nation to understand the reality. Sharif and family has not only stolen the wealth of the nation but precious time and opportunities for rebuilding the nation, its socio-economic and political integration and remaking the Nation as One People of Islamic Faith. Pakistan urgently needs a New Constitution, New public institutions and New educated, intelligent and honest leaders of new generation. Although not much optimistic, but still I hope that the forthcoming July 25 elections will have these priorities when people go to use their rights at the ballot box - a New Govrenment of able and Honest People to serve our national interests and socio-economic and political priorities. If we failed to bring these much desired changes in the next system of governance, surely, noboyd else should be blamed except ourselves.

Mahboob A. Khawaja

Posted on Jul 16, 18 | 6:21 am