Reservation on politically motivated advocacy of reservation in AMU - By: ADV Masood Peshimam

By ADV Masood Peshimam ,
kalyan, Maharashtra ,

The UP CM Adityanath Yogi has asked why should not Dalit and backward students get benefit of caste reservation in Aligarh Muslim University and Jamia Millia Islamia and questioned silence of those who claim to be the champions of down trodden in a reference to Samajwadi Party or Bhaujan Samaj party .
The contention raised by yogi Adithyanath is politically motivated and oriented to stir hornet nest between the two communities. It is to incite hatred against Muslims who are already hated for the reasons known to the hater. Is it not a rude majoritarianism to create the conflict and clash of interests between the two major components of the population and with an eye on the election of 2019. Yogi Adithyanath should be kind enough to note that Muslims in India are a discriminated lot with the sustained marginalisation at its worst. The question of discriminating others does not arise. Muslims have never opposed reservation. It is too well known to note which are the forces opposed to reservation. Its too well known to note that which are the forces pursuing the policy of persecution against the backward . Hence given the dynamics of the said situation there was no sense in hitting up the issue bringing Muslims in the focus.
The Dalit card is being played with the needs of the political exigencies. It was in the Presidential Election Dalit card was played. On the eve of the retirement of the former Vice President Hamid Ansari his name cropped up in the race which was put to the rest with the suggestion making Dalit the President. It was all the more welcome to make a Dalit President and more so Ramnath Govind fitting the bill. The same concern was not shown when it was the question of selecting Venkiha Naidu for the post of the Vice President
What is no less significant to note yogi Adithyanth at the helm of affairs in UP as we swear by the Secular Constitution and have no compunction in accepting Yogi wearing a saffron robe and formerly heading the mutts or seminaries. It is the blatant compromise of the secular values and traditions. Its not the question of Yogi or someone else of his like. Even the bigoted and narrow minded Muslims are no less responsible for worsening the situation. The multiple factors not only tragically isolated Muslims from the National Mainstream that they are gruesomely targeted culminating into the most horrific cult of violence against Muslims at times in the name cow protection or some other pretext . The situation is equally messy for the Dalit or other backwards though on a lesser scale. Both are sailing in the same boat but Muslims at deeper level. Whatever may be the magnitude of the trouble the fact remains that Dalits are bearing the brunt of the messy situation. The whole society cannot be blamed for the failure of justice and equality of Dalits.
Its the part of the messy situation that the incidents of rising intolerance are taking place against the Dalits that the incidents like the one at Gandinagar in Gujrat is taking place. It so happened that at Gandhinagar in Gujrat the family of one Prashant Solanki , the bride groom was compelled to travel in the car to go to the house of the bride apprehending violence over bride groom going to the house of the bride on the horseback. The Dalit bridegroom riding on the horse was treated something of an affront to the High Caste. The situation was so grave that the previous horse rider had to flee the scene as there was the threat of violence. For the new horse rider the police protection was sought .
Recently at Jamner in Jalgoan two Dalit minor boys being assaulted were paraded naked. What was their fault ? They bathed in the well. In another incident the Dalits were assaulted severely for skinning the dead cow. The incident of Dalits being victimised keep haunting the social scenario. It is too well known to know who are the people pursuing aggressive anti Dalit agenda. There is no ambiguity in the fact that Dalits and backward have been suffering the scourge of caste politics. Its the deep suppression and oppression born of deep resentment which was one of the reasons contributing to the conversions.
It was this undiluted ignominy and humiliation that in the Meenakshipuram that there was the large scale conversion to Islam. Mrs.Indira Gandhi sent the delegation to study the situation and take the corrective measures.
However notwithstanding the tragic incidents of Dalit bashing a new tamasha of dinning with the Dalits and photograph the event to be spread emerged. The whole exercise was governed with the deep consciousness of the caste equation. Such gimmicks led to the growing sense of dissatisfaction which culminated into the closure of the artificial attempt of offering the olive branch to the downtrodden and the backward .
Yogi instead of improving the plight of the downtrodden and the backward tried to make Aligarh Muslim University and Jamia Millia Islamia the scapegoat. It is significant to note that Aligarh Muslim University founded by Sir Sayyed Ahmad Khan in 1920 remained the citadel of secular values catholicity of out look, liberal approach and communal harmony. It began with the foundation of Madrasa in 1875 leading to the formation of Anglo Oriental College which later on culminated into Aligarh Muslim University in1920. Sanskrit began to be taught right from the inception of Aligarh Muslim University along with Urdu, Persian and Arabic with the exuberance of rich classical literature .The very teaching of Sanskrit is a testimony to the fact that Sir Sayyed Ahmed had tremendous respect for the variety of cultures and languages though its a different proposition that communal hawks maintaining hostile stance against Muslims tried to villainies Sir Sayyed . Even Dr Iqbal who is credited to have written ‘’ Sare Jahan se achha Hindustan hamara ( best is India in the comity of nations). The vary pernicious attempt to villainies the Muslim stalwarts is to demoralise the community and show that the Muslims have no contribution worth the name for the enrichment of the Nation’s life and Culture. The strategy is to bring Muslims on such a weakest turf that no protest is made over the relentless crushing of the community and no sympathy is earned even if the innocent and weak of the community is bled to death.
The Aligarh Muslim University imbroglio is created over the reservation to down trodden and backward is to consolidate the communal vote bank with an eye on 2019. The alternate strategy of winning the 2019 election is to communalise the Polity as with the all round failure of the Modi Government there is an element of scepticism for BJP to romp home comfortably though its a different proposition that divorced , diversified and fragmented Opposition may offer the favourable outcome to BJP on a platter.

Posted on Jul 08, 18 | 7:22 am