Pakistani Ladies Show Excitements at Saudi Women Driving - BY: By: Madiha Noman


In September of 2017, the Custodian of Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud
gave a pleasant surprise to Saudi women when he announced that the long wait for them to drive would be finally over from 10th of Shawwal of 1439 H - corresponding to Sunday the 24th of June-2018. This news was received with great excitements and soon it hit the World headlines. Eversince the World media has been talking about it and the Saudi women were counting days like an over-excited child waiting for the promised gift from his/her father. It is no secret that the Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman was in fact the driving force behind this whole idea of allowing women to drive. No wonder his popularity graph has hit an all time high after this historic announcement.

24th June-2018 thus has earned a especial berth in the history of Saudi Arabia. The women folks for generations to come are expected to cherish this day. It is believed like the National Day of 23rd September, the Saudi nation (especially the women lot) would also mark and celebrate 24th of June with equal zeal & fervor.

Pakistani ladies – wives of the expat guest workers in Saudi Arabia – were found to be equally joyous & excited like their Saudi counterparts at this historic announcement by King Salman. Their joys knew no bounds when the “golden-day” of Sunday the 24th June of 2018 finally arrived. The members of Ladies Chapter of Pakistan Writers Club-Riyadh aka: PWC-LC – under the leadership of its incumbent Convener Dr Farah Nadia – immediately called a special session to share the joy and demonstrate their solidarity with the Saudi women. The ladies shared their thoughts & opinions on the subject issue and here is what they had to say.

Convener Dr.Farah Nadia opened the discussion by thanking King Salman for allowing Saudi women to drive. She also expressed hope that someday down the line the expat women would also be allowed to drive. “It's a great day for Saudi women and I join them in celebrating the day. It will help lot of women in their day to day chores and will help make their lives easy, “Farah remarked.

Adviser to Convener Madiha Malik shared her feelings and said that the Saudi women driving can be considered as one of the biggest milestones of women empowerment in Saudi Arabia. “This step will not only give Saudi women sense of dignity and responsibility but will also increase their positive participation in the national development, Madiha Malik added.

Deputy Convener Shumaila Zupash Malikexpressed her joys by saying that 24th June-2018 is indeed a historic day for allSaudi ladies in Saudi Arabia as they have been honored to become the custodians of their own cars and to drive on Kingdom's wide roads. “I can very well imagine how happy & excited our Saudi sisters must have been at this day, “Shumaila added.

Senior member Ambreen Faiz mentioned that the Saudi women should be thankful to King Salman and to Crown Prince Muhammad for making their dreams come true. “However, they should be aware of dangers of driving on busy roads and drive with extreme care respecting & obeying the Saudi traffic rules, “Ambreen mentioned.

Finance Secretary Dr. Naghma Rehan was all upbeat for the day and said that as an expat woman she is happy that finally the Saudi women would also be able to sit behind the wheel like all other women of the other parts the world. “But the Saudi women drivers must know the rights come with responsibilities, “Naghma cautioned.

Event Coordinator Madiha Noman was full of joys & excitements for being the witness of this momentous occasion of history-in-the-making in Saudi Arabia. “Now no one will be able to stop the Saudi women to achieve what they always wanted to achieve in their life. This sure will prove a good omen for them and they will hit the glass-ceiling in all walks of life, Madiha Noman remarked.

QundeelAymen– Public Relation Officer of PWC-LC - congratulated Saudi women by saying that it was a memorable day for them and also a dream-come-true for them. “It’s a very big achievement for the Saudi women which will help build confidence in them and also help them in their daily chores independently, ”Qundeel opined.

Senior member Shaheen Javedmentioned that she wanted to congratulate Saudi women for earning their right to drive. “It has been a long struggle for them and they deserved to drive like any other women in other parts of the world are able to do. They should be thankful to their government for allowing them to take to the roads, “Shaheen added.

Engr. Madiha Noman is Event Coordinator of PWC-LC, a Fashion Designer and an Avid Writer.

Posted on Jul 07, 18 | 6:18 am