Full Statehood: A Fight for the Self-Respect and Rights of Delhi's People - By: ARVIND KEJRIWAL


When India gained Independence in 1947, the whole country became a democracy. The people of the entire country started voting and electing their Government. Those Governments started working according to the will of the people. But Delhi did not get complete freedom. In Delhi, the rule of Viceroy of the British Empire was replaced by the rule of the Lieutenant General (LG).

Although the people of Delhi elect it, the Delhi Government does not have much say in governance. No matter which Government the people elect, the rule of the LG prevails. This means that only in Delhi, people's vote has zero value. This is an insult to the people of Delhi. Why are the residents of Delhi considered only half-citizens?

We have reached a point where the people of Delhi are insulted every single day:

People of Delhi say, “We want CCTVs to ensure women safety.” The moment the elected Government starts installing CCTVs, the LG says, “I will not allow CCTVs to be installed.”
People of Delhi say, “We want Mohalla Clinics and Schools.” The LG says, “I will not allow Mohalla Clinics and Schools to be built.”
People of Delhi say, “Please regularize our unauthorized colonies.” LG says, “I will not allow regularization of unauthorized colonies.”
The most important question today is whose wishes and decisions should prevail in Delhi — the LG's or the people of Delhi's? The time has now come when the people of Delhi will have to fight for their self-respect, their rights and for the future of their children.

Posted on Jul 03, 18 | 8:45 am