Arvind Kejriwal and Ministers pushed to the brink! - BY: AAP Outreach

Dear Baqi, Rana,

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, Dy CM Manish Sisodia, Health Minister Satyendra Jain, and Labour Minister Gopal Rai have been sitting in the waiting area of LG Anil Baijalís home for more than ​39 hours now. They are sitting there to request ​the ​LG to act against IAS Officers who have boycotted​ crucial​ work for the last 4 months​, ​and to request ​the ​LG to approve doorstep delivery of ​several ​citizen centric services​,​​ including rations​.


Beginning end February 2018, CM Arvind Kejriwal ​and or his Cabinet ​colleagues ha​ve​ personally met the LG 5 times (the last on June 7, 2018) and written ​at least 4 letters asking him to instruct ​the ​officers to co-operate. ​While technically, the bureaucrats are not on strike (prohibited under their service rules), they do not attend meetings called by the Ministers, do not take their phone calls and do only the bare minimum. ​The LG​ ​​has ​however, ​not taken any action​ to rectify this serious situation​. ​This has pushed Arvind Kejriwal and his Ministers to the brink.

It is indeed a shameful moment for democracy, when an elected CM along with his 3 ​M​inisters is at LGís doorsteps but the LG does​ ​n​ot have time ​to address their demands. Not only this, on critical matters aimed at improving the lives of Delhi's residents, the LG continues to stonewall decisions stating that Delhi Govt does​ ​n​ot have the power to do it. ​Please see the video of CM Kejriwal ​broadcast from the LG's house on the sad situation.

We would like to say that ​AAP is not going to stop​ and will continue this battle till the time​ the​ LG and ​the ​Central Gov​ernment stop paralyzing Delhiís governance. ​At stake is the welfare of millions of Delhi residents that reposed their faith in AAP​.

Jai Hind!

Aam Aadmi Party

Posted on Jun 14, 18 | 10:17 am