The Divided Identity Of India - Analysis by: Balbir Singh Sooch-Sikh Vichar Manch


Are Political parties not busy coming up with FAKE stories or what is it?

1. Does It Not the Divided Identity of India, What to Talk of Nation, Nationalism and Patriotism before Globalism?

2. An edit in Saamna, Shiv Sena mouthpiece argued that the real reason behind the bonhomie-‘easy friendliness; easy good-humored friendliness’ between a Congress man and the RSS would be clear only after the 2019 general election. RSS may prop up Pranab as PM if majority eludes BJP: Shiv Sena: TNN | Updated: Jun 10, 2018, 05:34 IST


Pranab Mukherjee could be consensus PM candidate if BJP lacks majority in 2019: Shiv Sena: In an editorial in the party’s mouthpiece Saamana, the Shiv Sena said the RSS’ agenda in inviting former president and Congress veteran leader Pranab Mukherjee to an event at its headquarters would be revealed during the coming next year’s general election. INDIA Updated: Jun 09, 2018 14:59 IST: HT Correspondent: Hindustan Times, Mumbai


3. Was Pranab Da paying back for past association or was this his payback-benefits to a party that withheld from him the chalice-trophy, prize of supreme executive authority in the form of the PM’s post? But what is of little doubt is Citizen Mukherjee’s unexplained ingenuity-skill has left his old party at an embarrassingly loose end. Last updated: June 9, 2018, 12:50 AM (IST): Citizen Mukherjee in Nagpur:If speeches could change hearts…The Tribune, Chandigarh


4. Only Nitish Kumar can unseat BJP at Centre, not Rahul Gandhi: NPP: The National People’s Party and the BJP are allies at the Centre and in Manipur but they are fighting the Meghalaya elections separately; ‘I am telling you, may be in 2019, Nitish Kumar will be the prime minister. Mark my words.-Conrad P Sangma’, NPP chief .INDIA Updated: Feb 02, 2018 20:31 IST: Press Trust of India, Shillong: Hindustan Times


5. The National People's Party (NPP) on Friday predicted that Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar may be Prime Minister Narendra Modi's successor after the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. "Today, we are in the NDA (in Manipur) and we are fighting the BJP here (Meghalaya)... you can never know... Nitish Kumar may be the Prime Minister," Meghalaya NPP President Wanwei Roy Kharlukhi told journalists. Nitish Kumar may be next Prime Minister: NPP: IANS | Shillong: Last Updated at February 2, 2018 19:40 IST: Business Standard


6. United opposition should decide on PM candidate after 2019 polls: JD(S):: At a press conference here, JD(S) secretary general Danish Ali cited three previous instances when the prime ministers were chosen post elections. "We have in the past experienced that V P Singh emerged as the prime ministerial candidate only after the elections. In 1996, after the Lok Sabha elections, the United Front was formed and HD Deve Gowda became the prime minister. Similarly, Manmohan Singh was chosen the prime minister during UPA 1 after the elections," he said. Ali said in a multi-party democracy, the issue of leadership comes after general elections. JD(S): PTI | June 9, 2018, 22:06 IST


7. BERKELEY (CALIFORNIA), SEPTEMBER 12, 2017: Choosing foreign soil to make the announcement, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has declared he is “absolutely ready” to be the party’s prime ministerial candidate for the 2019 general elections. However, he made it clear that the decision has to be finally approved by the party. Often under attack from the BJP, especially Prime Minister Narendra Modi and party president Amit Shah, over dynasty politics, Rahul said it “is a problem in all political parties in India” but that is how “most of the country runs like” ‘Absolutely ready to be the PM candidate in 2019’: Published on September 12, 2017: Business Line


(i) “It will be undoubtedly NARENDRA MODI again and he himself has said that he is going to be prime minister till 2024 .Then there is no chance that any other candidate will emerge from NDA front.

(ii) While analyzing biggest opposition party INC’s result it is quite clear to everyone including congress party (hope so) that RAHUL GANDHI does not have credibility and he is not taken seriously anymore among voters (can’t say about congress party though).

(iii) There has to be someone who is credible, good track record and acceptable to all political parties. The one person who is close to these qualities and can be trusted by other opposition parties is none other than NITISH KUMAR and so on…” QUORA


8. Come 2019, Who Will be India’s PM? The Answer May Not be Modi: BY RAJESH JAIN:

How Does India Vote? For further evidence, see how the 100 crore voters in India stack up. About a third are diehard supporters of the various parties – 17 crore for BJP, 8 crore for Congress and 8 crore for various regional parties. A third – about 33 crore – are not going out to vote. What if something can persuade them to go and vote? They are not loyalists of any existing party. The rest of the voters – again, about a third (33 crore) – are either undecided or tend to vote for smaller parties and independent candidates with no hope of winning. These 67 crore unaligned voters hold the key to the next election. They are four times the support base of the BJP and eight times that of the Congress. An extract from the article, ‘ Come 2019, Who Will be India’s PM? The Answer May Not be Modi’ by Rajesh Jain is a technology entrepreneur who was involved in Narendra Modi’s 2014 Lok Sabha election campaign 12.02.18: the quint

Does It Not the Divided Identity of India, What to Talk of Nation, Nationalism, and Patriotism before Globalism?

Analysis forwarded by: Balbir Singh Sooch-Sikh Vichar Manch

Posted on Jun 12, 18 | 10:27 am