RANDOM THOUGHTS Serving Humanity – Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust - BY: Dr. A.Q. Khan

Serving Humanity – Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust
Dr. A.Q. Khan


Despite having vast resources, both natural and human, we are still considered backward and underdeveloped. The main reasons for this are incompetent leaders, vast corruption and lack of long-term foresight, planning and honest implementation. Whatever relief is granted to the poor (more than 50% of our population) comes from philanthropists and social welfare organizations. To name but a few, we have the Red Cross, the Lions Club and the Rotary Club as foreign agencies, especially active and helpful during natural disasters and in attempts to eradicate polio and TBC; locally we have, amongst others, Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust, Seylani Welfare Trust, Al Khidmat, SIUT, Shaukat Khanam Hospital, Indus Hospital, Alamgir Welfare Trust, Al-Shifa Foundation, Shifa Tameer-e-Millat Foundation, SOS, LRBT, etc., all doing excellent work. I am personally familiar with many of them and am also involved in the running of a Mental Health Centre (IBS) in Karachi where many patients with psychological problems are treated free of cost. Today attention in this article will be focused on the Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust, Karachi, run by my good friend of long standing, Dr. Haji Hanif Tayyab, former Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources and also of Manpower and Overseas Pakistanis. This Trust is not only established in all the provinces of the country, but also has many branches abroad. In the past, emergency aid has been provided to Bangladesh, Burma, Syria, Palestine, etc. At a function organized by Dr. Hanif Tayyab in London, Lord Nazir highly praised the humanitarian work of the Trust. The Trustees are all engineers, doctors, industrialists, traders, businessmen, etc. Many of my friends from Karachi are members of this Trust and their main goal is transparency, honesty and to serve humanity. Dr. Tayyab has also been on the Board of Governors and Syndicates of many public and private universities. For his humanitarian work he was awarded D.Lit (A.C.) by the University of Karachi.

This Trust provides medical and financial help to thousands of needy persons, orphans, students, etc. Anybody who is somebody in Pakistan has, at one point or another, visited any one or more of the various facilities of the Trust and lauded their services. Mr. Abdul Razaq, Chairman UK Chapter and Lord Nazir are looking after the support and care of the Burmese citizens left destitute in Bangladesh. Many Western countries have caused havoc in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, etc. where hundreds of thousands of innocent people have been killed and many more left destitute and in dire need of support. Al-Mustafa Trust, together with Sayani Trust, etc. have provided invaluable financial and material support to these suffering masses. They also run centres for children, dialysis and thalasaemia centres and have given medical treatment and provided free operations to many. They hold regular medical camps in poor localities of major cities as well as in jails.

After the severe earth quake of 2005, the Trust started support programmes on a war footing for affected families. Schools were set up in many cities, many of them providing boarding facilities. Both Sardar Yasin Malik and Mr. Mehtab Chawla visited some of these facilities, provided financial assistance and profusely praised the humanitarian work being done by them. Every year thousands of people are being provided with food, clothing, rations, medical facilities, etc.

Dr. Tayyab was the first President of the Anjuman-e-Tulabae Islam and has the advantage of knowing many people in many different localities and manages to motivate them to volunteer to do this social work. These volunteers are very passionate about their work, knowing full well that it is for a noble cause and in line with the Divine Edicts of helping the needy and the poor. Our public representatives should take time out to visit the facilities and services offered by this Trust (and that of many others) to acquaint themselves with the work being done there. Dr. Hanif Tayyab, with his vast administrative experience of being a former Minister of Labour, Manpower and Overseas Pakistanis, Petroleum and Natural Resources, Housing and Environment, etc., has the ideal background to run such a large organization efficiently. This Trust deserves all possible support and encouragement it can get, both publicly and privately.

NOTE 1: The Army Chief has taken commendable action against Asad Durrani for his dubious behaviour. However, two former Brigadiers from the SPD, viz. Feroze Khan and Salik, went to the USA, joined a think tank there and wrote books full of negative and wrong information about our nuclear programme. Why was no action ever undertaken against them?

NOTE 2: I am extremely grateful to all those Pakistanis who sent me heartwarming and loving messages on Youm-e-Takbir. If one reads Nawaz Sharif’s statements, one gets the impression that he did everything with his own hands. Never a word in all the celebrations for the scientists, engineers and teams involved. If it hadn’t been for them, there would have not been any decision for Nawaz Sharif to take regarding whether or not to go ahead with an explosion. What an ungrateful lot!

Posted on Jun 06, 18 | 9:47 am