How Alok Agarwal, Convenor, AAP MP is planning to Win with your help

Dear Baqi, Rana,

Democracy is not perfect. It requires constant nurturing. The recent public show of horse-trading and naked assertion of political power to subvert democracy has shamed Indian democracy. Worse, sections of media have shown how easy it is to coerce them into silencing political opposition available. The resultant direct involvement of Supreme Court to control these anti-democratic processes is all too evident.

The big political parties have erected a high entry barrier for honest competitors - they are generating large sums of money to wage smear campaigns while simultaneously forcing honest politicians into fighting a war of attrition in the courts.

​Against this background, we would like to introduce to you ​Alok Agarwal ​ who ​is the leader of Aam Aadmi Party in M​adhya ​P​radesh​ since 2014. A trained engineer from IIT Kanpur (graduate of 1989), Alok has dedicated his life to social causes instead of going into​ a​ corporate career​,​ and ​has worked in MP since he graduated. ​Over the past 29 years, Alok has built a reputation for getting things done - when he makes his mind to do something, he delivers. He has shown imagination, courage and sensibility of the highest order to take on the political establishment and win justice for his people ​enabling compensation of over Rs. 4000 crore ​c​rores for th​ose ​citizens of MP who were displaced by large dams in MP; getting global experts to revise mega-dam​ ​based development policy; and empowering the weakest sections, Adivasis, to ​ ask for ​their rights. His leadership in the Narmada Bachao Andolan has been widely recognized and lauded.

As Convenor of AAP MP, Alok has done significant work in the past four years in MP to strengthen his political base. Some of the key high-level achievements are summarized in the attached document.

MP will be going to the polls in October/November 2018. AAP will be fighting all 230 Vidhan Sabha constituencies to offer itself as an alternative. We are running the most structured campaign we have ever done. To elevate MP back to the heart of Indian economy, Alok today needs your financial support. None of this excellent work can reach the finish line without your honest funding. AAP is alive because of the hopes that are alive in your hearts and because of tall and honest leaders like Alok Agarwal.

Donate generously for Alok and AAP and help us show governance impact in a full state. There is so much wrong in MP that one can accomplish a lot with small changes. Big changes and honest intent can drive a real transformation. And if we can transform MP, we can make the heart of India healthy again. Please donate with your heart and conscience.

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Posted on May 30, 18 | 9:51 am