Press Release : Entire Punjab displayed through Punjab Folk Finale at RAC

Press Release

Entire Punjab displayed through Punjab Folk Finale at RAC


Folk connects us together in a pure, simple yet eternal bonding, we have gone far from what is our own, in pursuing high class culture, English Dance hits, Oscars, pageants, Operas, fashions, however, passion must ignite to cling and celebrate our indigenous selves, preserve & promote through passion, shared practices as heritage is transferred from generations to generations and creative futures are possible only through communicating the same to our children. This was the motive for arranging Folk Finale by Rawalpindi Arts Council on the directions of Punjab Council of the Arts. Performers from DG khan, Sahiwal, Gujranwala, Sargodha, Faisalabad and Rawalpindi captivated foreigners who thronged Arts Council to watch folk of Punjab. Additional Chief Secretary Punjab Umer Rasool, Additional Secretary Culture Saman Rai and Deputy Secretary Hina Adil graced the occasion besides diplomats. All the social practices, festivals and rituals structure our lives and played a key role into strengthening the social fabric in an inclusive way. The artistic expressions of Folk including Music, Theatre, Dance and Crafts bring together people from all social strata for recreate. Folk Studio started from theoretical side of defining culture as a cognitive constructs, shared beliefs and values, something which differentiates one from the other, and ended on a practical example of depicting resilience of indigenous cultures, creative and performing arts including dance, Theatre, music, songs, myths and dances included Luddi, Jhomer & Bhangra along with the thaap of dhol, shehnai, Beeen, Chimta, and Ghungharoos, songs ranging from Kafyaan, Naatya kalam & sufi craftsmen with their skillful display of products like wooden jewellery boxes, khusas, toys, and handmade dolls mostly looking like brides. Folk Studio' is an attempt to relive what is gone in the form of traditional cultural set created especially to set an ambiance and present a real life like scene with animals, homemade clay pots, Chaatis and Charkhas with singers and group dances, lest we forget a sturdy dancing horse presenting a salaam to the guests on drum beats. The comedy, satire on local politics, anecdotes by comedians, Bolyaan, Tappae and finally Dhamal set fire amongst the audience who had the luxury to enjoy every afternoon on wintry Saturdays from Dec to March 2018.The platform proved to be a catalyst as local channels covered shows extensively with a chat and snapshot of two hours long program attended by a diverse array of people especially from Saraiki, DG Khan Division as a gesture to support their culture. Entire Punjab was displayed through a continued series of shows at Open Air Theatre, Lawrence Gardens. This Folk Finale was a series of folk event which was arranged by Rawalpindi Arts Council.

Sajjad Hussain
Deputy Director

Posted on May 14, 18 | 11:34 am