Making the Office of Delhi’s Lt. Governor accountable - BY: Manish Sisodia

Dear Baqi, Rana,

Yesterday, I presented the LG Outcome Report in the Delhi Assembly, a first such report to hold the institution of the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi accountable to the people of Delhi. In the past three years, our government has voiced its frustration over the obstructionist conduct of the Office of the LG. The Report examines the key policy proposals and schemes of the Delhi government that were sent to the LG in our tenure and provides a detailed analysis of the LG's repeated attempts to scuttle our flagship schemes.

The Aam Aadmi Party's tenure in Delhi has ushered in strong systems of accountability. The report I presented yesterday was in line with the two major steps the government has taken: one, an ‘Outcome Budget’ prepared in the Financial Year 2017-18 and an Outcome Report Card of the same presented to the Delhi Assembly in the Budget session two weeks ago; two, a ‘Timeline Budget’ presented with the Budget for 2018-19 where timelines for all major projects were laid down.

Every institution within a democracy must be accountable to the people. Elected representatives are directly accountable to the people through elections. And the bureaucracy is accountable to these elected representatives. Even though the Hon’ble LG is appointed by the Central Government, his decisions have an impact on how public money is spent and how policies are made. It is therefore important that the institution of the Lieutenant Governor should be accountable to the people of Delhi. It is our hope that this report encourages the LG to play a more constructive role in the future in the interest of the people of Delhi.

We know the AAP government has people's full support in laying new standards of accountability in governance. But we also need your support to make this movement stronger and prepare us for all the challenges that lie ahead.

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Thank you,

Manish Sisodia

Posted on Apr 07, 18 | 12:42 pm