Newspapers versus Governments - By: Shamsher Singh Sandhu (with thanks to Balbir Singh)


Translated Panjabi to English by: Balbir Singh Sooch

Brainpower Lips about Brainteaser: Shamsher Singh Sandhu

Sometimes Newspapers and Governments keep hands in glove

Sometimes Newspapers and Governments meet head-on

Occasionally Newspapers bend before Governments

Occasionally Newspapers knock out Governments

On someone Newspapers fall hopelessly-cruelly

On someone just Newspapers do kindness

Sometimes Newspapers behave as Governments

Donít know as to why Newspapers tolerate this weakness

Sometimes Governments collapse because of Newspapers

Sometime Newspapers face boldly Governments

Sometimes Newspapers fear from Governments

Sometimes Governments feel panicky from Newspapers

Sometimes Newspapers stand boldly for truthfulness

Sometimes Newspapers ignore truthfulness

Newspapers occasionally by laughing pass burning river

Sometimes Newspapers witnessed burnt at cross roads

Applaud for Newspapers who disapprove dictates of Governments

What could be said about Newspapers who are afraid of from system?

High severely and improbable wires do also climb Newspapers

But Sometimes Newspapers do encircle by high improbable wires

Some Newspapers are destroyed as a target of Governments

Some Governments put on fire Newspapers

Common and in general people believe as true news published by Newspapers

Donít they know as to why and what news published by Newspapers

Mostly to spy or to influence to know the truth news published by Newspapers

Sometimes but the true story is suppressed by Newspapers

Some are seasonal writer, intentionally and deliberately, they do so

Remembering why and what are published by Newspapers

As Newspapers publish some write accordingly

Some writers write as the same published by Newspapers

There was time when one Newspaper used to be read in five six houses

Now one man reads five six Newspapers daily

Some Newspapers scrutinizing each news carefully and publish

Some Newspapers create dilemma and commotion in news and publish

Newspapers do have responsibility as to what is conveyed in Newspapers

Sometimes but, intentionally and deliberately, do play foolishly some Newspapers

In Magazine, the same script five or seven hundred do read

The same script read by lacs and thousands in Newspapers

Some Journalists are intelligent, sober and receptive

Some use pens as if swords are in actions during war

To simple news, sometimes Newspapers do complicate-complex

Sometimes to complicate-complex news are solved by Newspapers

Largely and occasionally Newspapers do publish good news

Sometimes, but good news are eat*en and as food swallowed by Newspapers

Posted on Feb 26, 18 | 9:27 am