Judgment on Zainabís Murder Case - By: Munir M Hasan, PhD

The judgment of Zainabís murder case has been announced and the accused Imran Ali has been awarded due punishment for his heinous crime. It appears that after the execution of this punishment everybody will be satisfied that justice has been done, and forget about it. In my opinion full justice has not been done and this award of punishment has left a number of questions unanswered.

According to some media reports, the victim was raped by more than one person. Another important point to consider here is that Imran has been hiding the victim for 4/5 days before she was murdered. It confirms that Imran was not the only person involved in this crime, but at least one or more than one persons were involved in this crime. Imran has been awarded punishment, but what about the other persons helping Imran in his crime? After the death of Imran this secret will never be revealed.
The reports also say that Zainab was brutally tortured before she died. A simple rapist can simply kill the victim, but torture before murder speaks a lot about the purpose of abduction and murder.

An inquiry was announced to investigate into this crime, but the result of this inquiry is still unknown. Did Imran disclose the names of his associates?

A strange fact is that the trial was conducted in a closed environment in jail on the excuse of security risk, where even the media was not present. Nobody knows what has happened during this trial. Apart from forensic lab report, were there any other proofs or witnesses who substantiated Imranís crime. If yes, who were they?
This trial was conducted within just a few days, which appears to be a record in the court history of Pakistan.
Considering all above factors it appears to me that the case was hurriedly decided and the proceedings were kept secret for a certain purpose. And this purpose is to close the case forever after the execution of Imran so that the names of the promoters and other associates in Imranís crime should never be known.

Posted on Feb 19, 18 | 9:47 am