Zainab’s Murder Case - By: Munir M Hasan, PhD

This story started since the abduction of the innocent child on 4th of January and reached a climax when the honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan intervened and heard the case after Dr. Shahid Masood made some allegations in a TV program.

During these three weeks, the story has been changing its shape. Initially, when the complaint was made to the police about the missing Zainab, and the relatives of the child pointed out the suspect, who later proved to be genuine killer, the police took no notice of it at all, as usual, and did not try to take him into custody for an inquiry. This was the phase of “No lift”.

After the body of the child was found, the culprit was arrested, but it was revealed by the police that the accused was a mentally-sick person. It was stated by the police so that he could be saved from punishment. This was the phase of “Attempting to protect the accused” by the police.

Next, there was a demand to hang the accused. To make the people happy and to get the reward from the government, any “Rao Anwar” of Punjab police could have killed him in a fake encounter like the fake encounter some time ago with another similar accused, Mudassir, who has now been stated to be not guilty of the accusation. This was the phase of “Attemting to kill the accused to end the story here and stop any further investigation.”

Next, when Dr. Shahid Masood in a TV program pointed out the presence of some “Child Pornography and Child-abuse mafias” operating in Pakistan, and blamed that it has the patronage of some governmental authorities and some other prominent personalities in Pakistan, full attention was directed to the anchor blaming him to be a liar, forgetting the real issue of murder of the child, as if the establishment of lie spoken by Dr. Shahid Masood was the main and sole issue. This was the phase of “Attempting to Change the priorities from a real issue to a non-issue.”

Ultimately, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court took a suo motu notice, heard the case and issued some orders.

It is well known fact that not one but many Mafias have been boldly operating in Pakistan for many years under the patronage of the elites. Child pornography and child-abuse Mafia is just one of them. Not only that Pakistani police and other investigating agencies themselves know about the presence of these mafias, but also when even the foreign agencies from Norway, Canada and from some other countries informed Pakistan Government about the presence of Child-abuse and pornography mafias in various cities of Pakistan, no action was taken. It is strange stuff to note that in spite of the fact that hundreds of cases of child abuse and child-murder are reported every year, no agency in Pakistan has ever taken any interest to find and arrest the criminals. This trend of abusing and killing the children is continuing in various cities of Pakistan even after the recent arrest of Zainab’s killer, which shows the power, strength, span and reach of these mafias operating in Pakistan.

When the Supreme Court of Pakistan took the suo motu notice, I was expecting that instead of discussing the truthfulness or falseness of Dr. Shahid’ statement, a high-powered Joint Investigation Team (JIT) would be announced consisting of honest and highly-reputed officers of various investigation agencies, as it was done in Panama Papers case, and truthfulness of Dr. Shahid’s statement would be judged on the conclusion of this investigation. However, quite some time was spent on the discussion whether there were 37 bank accounts of the culprit or not, and on some other non-issues, and nobody seemed interested to wait until the conclusion of the investigation.

The recent order of the honourable Supreme Court on this issue seems to be an eye wash only. A Joint Investigation Team headed by the DG of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has been announced which will investigate this case. Firstly, the terms of reference of this JIT are unknown, and secondly no time period has been fixed for this investigation, as if FIA has been ordered to investigate it in a usual way. The important thing to consider here is that the FIA which has not taken any initiative on its own against this and other mafias, and has not taken any step even after getting the information from foreign agencies, how it is going to investigate this case now. Probably, after sometime, the people will forget about this case as hundreds or thousands of other cases have been forgotten. And this child-abuse mafia and many other strong mafias will continue to rule Pakistan.

Posted on Feb 01, 18 | 10:21 am