Disqualified AAP MLA: Praveen Kumar

Hello Baqi, Rana,

My name is Praveen Kumar. I am a Aam Aadmi Party, MLA from Jangpura. I won my seat with more than 20,000 votes. On 19th Jan, our respected outgoing CEC disqualified me and 19 others without giving us any chance at all.

I am a qualified Engineer and was living happily before “Arvind Kejriwal” happened to me. After becoming an MLA in India, typically your wealth increases many many times. Not for me. I am still living in the same rented flat. I still use public transport. My father still runs his puncture shop in my home town. And the opposition says that I benefited from an “office of profit”. Whom are they trying to fool?

Earlier in 2015, I was assigned to look after the government contracts for all school amenities. However when I used to visit schools for inspection outside my constituency, people questioned on what authority I was doing so. To give credibility to my efforts, it was decided to give me a post of Parliament Secretary. In order not to create any conflict of an “Office of Profit” all perks associated with Parliament Secretary were explicitly denied.

Anyways, it’s not about legality anymore. It is pure and simple vendetta politics. We have seen enough in the past two and half years to recognise their ulterior motives. We will fight the case in the High Court, and if the truth prevails we will win.

But as of today, they have succeeded in disqualifying me and costing us time. After tremendous effort of two and a half years all our efforts are really starting to pay off in terms of making remarkable differences that are getting more and more visible everyday. I am worried that this pace will slow down and we will not achieve as much as we set out to do.

I was very happy when Outreach Team informed me that many of you have donated to show your trust in us. Your token of support empowers us to continue these political battles which are necessary for us to free our people from those that enslave us.

We will do everything in our capacity and never give up.

Yours truly,
Praveen Kumar
MLA (Disqualified by Vendetta Politics), Jangpura

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Posted on Jan 31, 18 | 11:00 am