Vishwa Hindu Parishad International President Pravin Togadia’s One-Time “Friend” PM Modi - A View As Conclusion By: Balbir Singh Sooch-Sikh Vichar Manch


1. “Praveen Togadia was an RSS swayamsevak in Ahmedabad, and a colleague of Narendra Modi. He was drafted into VHP in 1983 and Modi was drafted into the BJP in 1984.

2. The Pravin Togadia and Modi remained colleagues during the rise of BJP to power in 1995

3. When Togadia imprisoned, Modi campaigned for Modi campaigned for his release.

4. Modi was eventually installed as the Chief Minister in 2001, with strong support from Togadia.

5. Soon afterwards, Togadia was appointed as the General Secretary of the VHP at the national level. However, he continued to be active in Gujarat.

6. Express India credits Togadia’s legacy in Gujarat for "bearing fruit" in the 2002 Gujarat riots.

7. Modi is said to have inducted Gordhan Zadafia, Togadia's "right hand man" in VHP, as the Minister of State for Home.

8. Togadia hailed the Modi Government as the start of the "Hindu Rashtra". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


9. To Get Rid of or Shunting Out of the Parivar, ‘VHP Leader Pravin Togadia’ Is Political Conspiracy or What Else?

Posted on Jan 20, 18 | 8:35 am