VHP Leader Pravin Togadia Disappearance the Stage Managed Drama or Trap and or Defamatory For India??? - Views and Extracts By: Balbir Singh Sooch

Vishwa Hindu Parishad international working president Pravin Togadia during a press conference at Chandramani Hospital in Ahmedabad on Tuesday: (PTI Photo)

1. Are the stories of VHP leader Pravin Togadia alleges plot to kill him and of Gujarat police says He Faked His Disappearance Not the Stage Managed Drama or Trap: ‘device or enclosure designed to catch and retain/allows entry but not exit; bad or difficult situation that is difficult to change or escape form; a mistake or problem one should try to avoid’ by the Secret Intelligences agencies of Our Country to Get Some of the Desired Results, the Reasons Best Known to the Secret Intelligences agencies of Our Country ? Isn’t?

2. Was the Fake Disappearance of Togadia Not a Stage Managed Drama or Trap, ‘device or enclosure designed through VHP leader Pravin Togadia?

3. As to know who speaks what?

4. If VHP leader Pravin Togadia to be believed, are such plots to kill not normal and practice in India?

5. A senior DCB officer told The Indian Express that Togadia left his office (VHP headquarters) at 11 AM Monday morning and stayed with an associate identified as Ghanshyam Charandas at his house, which was captured in CCTV footage.

6. “At Kotarpur they used the phone of driver Nikul and called the 108 medical service that Togadia was lying unconscious. Based on statements of concerned persons and call data records it has been found that the doctor was informed much in advance and had told his staff to prepare for a VIP patient,” the officer said.

7. Togadia addressed a 30-minute press conference Tuesday sitting in a wheel chair while an aide carried a saline drip. He broke down twice as he alleged the plot to have him killed. He claimed an informant had told him of the “encounter” but refused to identify his source.

8. Asked who was behind the conspiracy to kill him, Togadia refused to divulge names. He only said, “When the Gujarat Chief Minister and Home Minister do not know about the warrant against me, then who is behind it?”. He added that his voice was being “muzzled”.

9. Among those to visit him Tuesday were Patidar quota agitation leaders Hardik Patel and Dinesh Bhambaniya, and retired IPS officer DG Vanzara who is out on bail in the Ishrat Jahan encounter case and discharged in the Sohrabuddin Shaikh encounter case.

10. Togadia’s close aides claimed that such warrants issued against him would increase. Sources believe an internal power struggle in the VHP in which one faction want him to leave his present post is the cause.

11. “Since 2001 when Narendra Modi became the chief minister and 2002 post Godhra riots, the charm of Pravinbhai started to fade. He was no longer the same. And over the past few years people within the VHP are not happy with his working style,” said a VHP functionary.

12. According to RSS and VHP office bearers “It is now well-known that once bosom friends Togadia and Modi don’t go along for quite some time.” Togadia has openly attacked Modi even after the latter became PM. In 2015 Togadia attacked Modi’s foreign policy with Pakistan and said that “instead of Sarees, shawls and mangoes” there should be a cross border strike.

13. Sanjay Nirupam seeks probe in Pravin Togadia’s charge of plot to kill him."Now his life is in danger. What can be the reason? How can a person with Z Plus security go missing for 12 hours and be found in an unconscious state in a park?" Mumbai Congress president Sanjay Nirupam asked.

14. “Gujarat Congress demands inquiry into Pravin Togadia’s allegations. Gujarat Congress demands inquiry into Pravin Togadia’s allegations

15. A tearful Togadia, 62, said that he went into hiding as he feared police will kill him in an encounter. Reacting to his charge, Nirupam told reporters that, “We have ideological differences with Togadia. But on humanitarian grounds, we sympathise with him when he says there is a plot to kill him.” The Congress leader said for the last 30 to 40 years, Togadia has been saying that Hindutva is in danger. “Now his life is in danger. What can be the reason? How can a person with Z Plus security go missing for 12 hours and be found in an unconscious state in a park?” he asked”. (Was the support preplanned or sudden?)

16. Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s International Working President Pravin Togadia said that someone had told him that there was a plan to kill him in an encounter:I was warned about a plan to kill me in a police encounter, says VHP leader Pravin Togadia: The international working president of the organisation did not name the person who entered his office and told him about the alleged plot. Scroll

17. Only the Secret Intelligences agencies of Our Country must have answers of this entire provided Gujarat police’s quick claim ‘that VHP leader Pravin Togadia Faked His Disappearance in Collusion with his Driver and a Doctor From the Private Hospital Where VHP leader Pravin Togadia is Presently Admitted’ disbelieved.

Extracts courtesy by: The Indian EXPRESS

Posted on Jan 17, 18 | 9:54 am