PISJ-ES celebrates week of sports extravaganza with great enthusiasm and excitement - By: Syed Mussarat Khalil


Pakistan International School Jeddah English Section (PISJ-ES) celebrated week of sports extravaganza with great enthusiasm and excitement.

The young athletes from the junior school led off the opening ceremony with aerobics and gymnastics while holding colorful pompoms which advanced further by the senior girls and boys from grade level 5 up till A-Level.

The event commenced with the recitation of the verses from the Holy Quran followed by the Flag hoisting ceremony and the National Anthems of both Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

The athletes from all four houses ignited the Olympic Torch which officially set off the programmed.

The houses were entitled after the legendary personalities of our history which includes Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar.

The awe-stricken performance of the school’s ‘March Past Squad’ exhibited the true spirit of Unity, Faith and Discipline.

On this occasion, the principal Adnan Nasir said, “Associating houses with the valiant personalities of our past is to instill in our students the passion to lead their lives according to the golden scruples of these heroes and endorse their legacy of patriotism, loyalty, honesty, good citizenship, sense of responsibility and discipline to work towards the prosperity of our country.”

He added, “Sports events are incorporated into children’s academic activities to groom them to learn soft skills like team spirit, endurance, leadership, tolerance and discipline to emerge as the balanced healthy individuals who are capable to contribute for the well being of our society and the world at large.”

While highlighting the importance of such events, he emphasized that the winning and losing is the part and parcel of sports, therefore participants should not just focus on winning in the field but learn to be capable enough to tackle situations in the midst of hope and despondency with sportsmanship and steadfastness.

He appreciated the teaching faculty particularly PE department and the school administration for their tireless effort to get the event off the ground immaculately.
Students from all houses enthralled the audience by demonstrating astounding level of agility, swiftness and teamwork during the gymnastic performance, PT and Karate display.
Combined with many other interesting races, thesac race, tie-hand race, family race and tug of war competitions captivated the audience to the maximum.

The week of sports gala concluded with the declaration of the House positions. With 676 points Syedians stood victorious; Jinnahians stood second with 651 points; whereas Joharians with 574 points and Iqbalians with537 points secured third and fourth places respectively. The winners were awarded medals and trophies by the principal, Adnan Nasir.

Posted on Jan 17, 18 | 9:47 am