Promises in Punjab ‘delivered, more on way’: The writer is the Chief Minister of Punjab - Forwarded by: Balbir Singh Sooch-Sikh Vichar Manch


1. “Hard Hit Comments On the Subject, “Promises in Punjab ‘delivered, more on way’.”

2. Weak Persons Like Me, What to Talk of Flatters-Sycophants Can’t Do It So Daringly: Afraid to Say Thanks: Why?

3. Whoever does not consider that the government of the Chief Minister of Punjab is not playing friendly match with the previous government of AKALI-BJP toppers, could be trapped anytime badly as nothing has been changed and rest is politics.

4. Insiders in the government of the Chief Minister of Punjab are ‘Flatters-Sycophants’ be cautious”. An opinion and submission in view of prevailing ground realities in Punjab by Balbir Singh Sooch

To understand more, do read, “Hard Hit Comments on the Subject’, “Promises in Punjab ‘delivered, more on way’.”

Tota Ram Commented:

(i) First of all this (Promises in Punjab ‘delivered, more on way’) is not written by Amrinder Singh.

(ii) It is work of bloated 12 advisers and tonnes of bureaucrats around Amrinder.

(iii) CM is too busy in his booze & women.

(iv) About his promises, very little done for farmers, who continue to commit suicides while CM, his ministers continue to indulge in corruption like sand auction scams.

(v) After his taking over as CM, there is further escalation of migration to literally any country in the world, except Digital india of dr modi & California of akalis (Amrinder`s real brothers).

(vi) In last 10 years, with lot of "hardwork (kirat)" and on the basis of salaries, Badal family made 750 luxury buses, 2 seven star hotels, 5 media cos, thousands acres of land...

(vii) Majithia (under whose nose all the drug syndicate was running) is enjoying his new kothi (made in hundred acres), Tota singh (Pesticide scamster & Moga sex scandal), Ranike, Kohar, Valtoha (drug smugglers), Babehalli (land embezzler), Jain (smuggler), Kahlon (JCB scammer)... all are enjoying and their illegitimate businesses are flourishing with active support of amrinder.

Iqbal Gill Commented:

(i) I do not see any promises being fulfilled where are the jobs and smart phone etc I see only corruption and only corruption and nepotism and sycophancy of the so called President of congress party.

(ii) People are very tired of you better stay inside. Many people in Malwa region donot even get clean water to drink. My best advice to is if you cannot deliver then go home let someone like Jakhar take over.


“In olden days, when Kings go to war and win, they plunder the coffers of the enemy. The commanders and soldiers will loot the people. Today, in the name of democracy people are being looted by politicians”. Rajinikanth said.

Forwarded by: Balbir Singh Sooch-Sikh Vichar Manch

Posted on Jan 04, 18 | 5:22 am