Jinnah a Charismatic Leader - By : Aymen Zaheer

image Before the advent of Mohammad Ai Jinnah aka: Quaid-e-Azam (Great Leader) the Muslims of the Indo-Pak Sub-Continent were disjointed, disunited and rudderless lot. Jinnah’s emergence on the horizon brought ray of hope and provided a unity of purpose to the Muslims as a whole.

~ William Shakespeare

Jinnah possessed all the needed ingredients to be the leader of the Muslim. He was educated, had a vision and above all had a charismatic personality tat had appealed the Muslims to accept him as their leader.

Shakespeare’s famous quote rightly reflects the personality of Jinnah.

Quote: [Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them]: Unquote.

Jinnah was blessing from God who guided the Muslims of Sub-Continent the desire & the will to get back their lost name & glory. He was blessed with strength of characters. He was a resolute man. He worked tirelessly to invoke self respect and boost their moral to stand up on their own feet.

Muslims of sub-continent lagged behind in the field of education. They never became comfortable with the English language. At that time, Jinnah took the lead and acted as a bridge between Muslims and the British government.

Jinnah was a man of conviction. He never followed anything blindly. First, he joined Congress and later on when things were going his way he decided to quit and get aligned with Muslim League. And, he remained loyal to his party until his last breath..

Jinnah was a multi-talented personality. He was a brilliant constitutional expert, an able lawyer, a politician of conviction and an ambassador of Hindu-Muslim unity.

Jinnah not only gave us Pakistan but also returned Muslim identity & glory. He raised the voice of a depressed nation. By dint of his leadership, a great potential accumulated and all the efforts became stream-lined and thus he made impossible happen by creating a new country Pakistan.

Jinnah was such a towering figure that even his rival could not help saying that he was incorruptible man. No one could buy him.

Jinnah used to say: [I do not take a right decision; I take a decision and make it right].

Jinnah always emphasized on the practical implementation of the two-nation theory, and he was convinced that Muslims should have a separate land.

Jinnah rowed the drowned boat of Muslims and took it to the safe shore where they could live in peace and freedom - freedom to practice their religion,

The Pakistan movement and the Pakistan Resolution of 23 March 1940 were the two main pillars behind its creation. A lot of people sacrificed their lives and belonging. Their honors were mutilated, but the perpetual directions of Jinnah made them able to fight for their rights and achieve their goal..

Jinnah had such a great courage to cope with all sorts of challenging circumstances. He was a diligent person, his motto was work, work and work. He worked hard at the cost of his own health.

Jinnah was a heroic figure who did what he said. He was a man of actions. He never showed contradictions between his words and actions. He always walked what he talked.

This year 25 December is being celebrated as his 142nd birth anniversary. This is the opportunity to pay him rich tributes for all he did for the Muslims of the Sub-Continent. It is time to follow in his footsteps and work hard – as he did – for the reconstruction of our beautiful country Pakistan. Long Live Quaid-e-Azam and Long Live Pakistan!!!!!

Aymen Zaheer is a Riyadh-Based Freelance Writer and the Deputy General Secretary & PRO
of Pakistan Writers Club – Riyadh.

Posted on Dec 25, 17 | 4:36 am