A great interview ​ of IMRAN KHAN​ - Interviewer: Haider Mehdi

This is the best Imran interview that I have seen thus far. It is the best not only for how well Imran fields the questions put to him, but equally so for the way Haider Mehdi, the interviewer, holds not a word back, and without recourse to insulting language or attitude, throws to Imran the toughest questions.

There is not a single political bigwig who can open himself to such an interview as this, and give answers so readily; answers which can only come from someone who is entirely dedicated to our country, but one who spends the best part of his day learning and thinking.

The great difference between Imran and the rest is, that here is the only one among the politicians who has given to Pakistan, while all the rest have robbed the country, and stashed the wealth abroad. And the difference is so clear--just ask people with some residual fleeting sense of honour to compare the KPK police with that of Punjab and any other province. The answer will immediately make the difference clear.

Having had the good fortune to have studied in certain public schools of old where the pathan boys used to be a good 50 percent, and the additional good fortune of retaining strong bonds across the Indus I have asked this of many friends who hail from KPK.

NOT A SINGLE one of these, even those who are opposed to Imran Khan, has denied the fact that they have experienced a definite improvement in the functioning of their police.
Do please spread this as far and as wide as you can to that the greatest number realize that there is a real choice between Nawaz Sharif, Zardari, Altaf Hussain, Asfandyar, Mullah Fazal, Achakzai and all those aligned with them, and Imran.

And the choice is striking.

It is as stark as is the choice between life and death.

But I am digressing..do take time out to see the interview in the link below.

Posted on Nov 17, 17 | 4:24 am