Just Delayed Justice Denied - BY: Zahid Hussain Mirani

9TH November ,2017

M.phil Sociology

University of Sindh Jamshoro

I had no intention to write here something for this newsnetwork which is full of writers, acadmicians and so on, but what compelled me to write down few lines is a girl who bravely came forward to challeneg the unchellengeable mode of this ruthless society where her bright future was left in the hands of few white collar crminals who rules the Pakistan sicne long. They monsters in the name of poltical parties are brutally killing our emerging leaders but fearlessly they are going on to do this dirty business. I will not take much time of the most literate people sitting on this social media but to salute this village girl whose darness is invisible from the social media. This is not a single girl student but many more went unreporoted anf are invisible from the eye of media.

Raheela Mirani opened her eyes in a tiny village of Rahooja laying in the south-west corner of Shikarpur distrcit of Sindh at the distance of 5 km from city headquarter of Shikarpur . This is the constituency of MNA Aftab Shaban Mirani NA-202 who remained CM Sindh and once Defence Minister and now is MNA. This would be futile to talk on the POLITICS and the POLITICIANS because we knw better them and their dirty business they have been doing with we people since inception of Pakistan. We are not Buttoist nor we PTIs tigers , niether we are Pro-N-Leaguies not we belong to anyother political party, however; we were pressurised by the local chieftains to cast our votes in the name of Bhutto for decades.

I should now come to the point now to not creat trouble to the readers if they read my broken english I was taught by myself. Raheela Ghulam Muhammad recently appeared in her MBBS entry test from Chandka Meidcal College (SMBBU) Larkana , she secured 24 marks out of 100 and in provisinal list her total %29.00. She was never supported by her family but she collected her fees of form 1800/PKR and the book I had suggested her of MCAT . I would have open my pocket to her if I had such an amount but unfortunately I am too running hard times of my life . I extended my sympathies to her morally to motivate her to appear in the medical test and make her future birght. I believe in pure merit and this is only a way to make society free of worries.

We live in a village where electrcity has become the day dream and an old story of the books. Shikarpur and Jacobaabad including all northern part of the Sindh province is very hottest in the long summer seasons. I proude her that she was never slipped her eyes from the targated studies . She served and fullfilled home acitivities being shouldered by her parents . She was taunted by other family members but her firmness and determination never let her deserted. She is brave enough to keep on fighting for her future alonly alonely alonely. None was there to financially support her but she started tution center in her home at village where she takes only 150 rupees per child. This was only a source of her study support.

Few days back I went throguh Sindh daily Kawish news paper where FIA had reprted about the medical entry test in Sindh province where paper was out eralier before the commence of test in the centers. This is frequent being practiced in Sindh province. Boards , Universities are being trapped by the political tycoons where only the riches can be benifitted and the rest of people are deserted. Invesitigation these crimes must be carried out in fair way without any political pressures. Thousands of the rural talented girls students are desered owing these white collar criminal in the borads and major institutions. We are defensless against these powerful tycoons and can not fight back. Because to whom whould we file petitions ????

The Ex-PM Nawaz Shrif is taking full protocal yet who is provedguilty and so many culprits such as Shrjeel Memon PPPPs tout is receiving himself flowery welcome by the Sindh assembly members who feel proud to see him back in the pavalllion after plundering the public money with both of the hands. Faryal Tralpur is entitled many titles which none receive in the human history. Politics is dirty business which has snatched our inborn rights. We are defenseless now and seeking the mercy of divine only . None redress our wounds, All slogans are fake . I do not appeal here because it is clear that Justice is a day dream which never ever be given to the common people. Raheela was the case of this whole story in the paragraphs who is victim of this cruel society. I pray for her and extend my moral support to her that next year she will be qualified in her medical entry test in fair marks that all those who cheated with innocence of the poor girls will inshaAllah be come at the wrath of God. Ameen.


Posted on Nov 10, 17 | 1:37 am