Pakistan's Consul General honors PISJ-ES high achievers - By: Syed Mussarat Khalil


Pakistan's Consul General Shahryar Akbar Khan honored the high achievers on acquiringthe maximum Cambridge Outstanding Learners’ awards among the schools in the western province of Saudi Arabia recently.

On this remarkable achievement, while congratulating the students and teachers, the consul general said that “success and failure are the part and parcel of life, but winners are those who remain steadfast on the journey of believing and achieving while clutching tight the virtues of honesty, integrity and truthfulness.”

He added, “the pathways through study and training are not the same for everyone. This achievement is the consolidated result of your commitment, your parents’ motivational support to provide you the conducive learning environment at your homes and your teachers’ dedication to carve in you the drive and sense of responsibility to come up to your potential.”

Consul General, gave the high achievers awards the students, while the teachers’ pledge to the profession was exquisitely acknowledged by presenting them with bouquet of flowers.

Adnan Nasir principal, PISJ-ES extended his heartfelt gratitude to the Consul General, Shahryar Akbar Khan for paying his honourable visit to the school to encourage the laureates of PISJ-ES.

Nasir said, “as the term ‘parenting’ connotates ‘bringing forth’, on the same ideology, the entire school team is in constant endeavour to bring forth the apt level of interest, intensive practice, focused purpose and undying hope in our students, which can help them make their way to the promising future as the real makers and founders on the less trodden paths of success and achievement.”

He advised the students to explore their power of purpose to hike their academic yearnings and future ambitions for the intrinsic passion of satisfaction and contentment.

The ceremony concluded with the group photo of the high achievers with the consul general and principal.

Posted on Nov 02, 17 | 12:58 am