RANDOM THOUGHTS: Good Books, Excellent People - BY: Dr. A.Q. Khan

Good Books, Excellent People
Dr. A.Q. Khan


Today no politics, about which enough has been said already, but information on some good books and some fine people. The first is written by Sirajuddin Aziz – a fine human being, thorough gentleman, perfect professional and a banker par excellence. A tall, fair, handsome, soft-spoken man with green eyes, he has decades of professional experience in the UAE, Nigeria, China, Hong Kong, England and, of course, Pakistan. At the moment he is President and Chief Executive Officer of Habib Metropolitan Bank, which has an excellent reputation in the financial world. The name, Sirajuddin Aziz, is greatly respected in banking and financial circles. For his achievements and performance in the financial field, he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by Greenwich University, Karachi in well-deserved recognition of his lifelong excellent performance. I am lucky to call him my friend. His book is entitled Emerging Dynamics of Management. It is published and distributed by Paramount Books Pvt Ltd, Karachi. It contains 494 pages of valuable information on recent developments in top management. With due respect to Siraj Bhai, I am under the impression (maybe wrongly so), that management is a God-given ability. One cannot become a good manager simply by attending and listening to a few lectures. One has to have certain inborn qualities like leadership, patience, quick and bold decision-making and, above all, the knack of excellent inter-personal relationships and understanding. The secret of success often lies in the care one takes of the staff and their needs, thus gaining their willingness to cooperate fully. Furthermore, they should feel the management is a colleague, a facilitator, almost a caring elder brother, whom they can respect.

Mr. Sirajuddin has covered the following important topics based on his education, experience and public relations: communication, strategy and organizational structure, leadership, personal development, human resource management, board room and committee strategies and a manager’s tool box. Comments on this excellent book have been made by Dr. Ishrat Hussain, ex Governor, State Bank of Pakistan, former Dean of IBA, Karachi and Advisor to Wilson International Centre of Scholars, who writes: “I am extremely delighted that Sirajuddin Aziz has decided to publish the anthology of his articles in the form of a volume. …..He is one of the few banking professionals who has always devoted time to reading, reflecting and writing…..”; Mr. Abdulla Al-Mutawa, Member of the Board, Bank Alfalah, Abu Dhabi, UAE writes: “I find immense pleasure and a lot of enjoyment reading Sirajuddin Aziz’s invaluable publications…. The flawless way of writing complemented by a beautiful presentation of the issues and positions at work….. are of great value and a perfect piece of advice.”; Mr. Ikram Sehgal, Chairman, Path Finders Group of Companies and Defence Analyst writes: “A very seasoned banker, Sirajuddin Aziz is an honest and forthright person with an excellent understanding and grasp over his subject matter……”; Mr. Javed Jabbar, ex Senator and ex Federal Minister for Science and Technology writes: “Sirajuddin Aziz is a versatile, insightful analyst of core management dimensions. A rare example of one who has achieved sustained success but who generously shares lessons from experience……”; Syed Mazhar Abbas, Director, Bank Al Habib, writes: “…. His style to change the mind is very persuasive in all that he writes and says…..”; Mr. Amir Zia, SEVP BOL New Group, ex senior editor, The NEWS International writes: “…. The way he produces an article almost every week for various publications … underlines his passion for words and a disciplined lifestyle.” The comments made by these eminent, intellectual personalities are a clear manifestation of the great personality of Mr. Sirajuddin and this excellent informative book. May Allah shower His blessings on Siraj Bhai and his family – Ameen.

May I suggest to the government, and the PM in particular, that they immediately appoint a committee consisting of Dr. Ishrat Hussain, Mr. Sirajuddin Aziz, Dr. Shahid Siddiqui, Dr. Yasin Anwar, Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Khan, Mr. Qaiser Bangali, a good scientist (not a fraud) and a good engineer (not a fraud) to give suggestions to improve the economy. A munshi or an accountant on their own cannot do the job – economists and technocrats are required for this.

The second, inspiring book is the autobiography of Mr. Saghir Ahmed Aslam, a self-made, great social worker and philanthropist. It is entitled Main – Kal aur Aaj, dictated to, written and compiled by Ibne Meher and printed by Sigma Printers, Urdu Bazar, Rawalpindi. It is the story of struggle, hard work, perseverance, will power and ultimate success. Mr. Saghir came to Pakistan from East Punjab with his parents as a refugee when he was only a boy and the family was nearly killed by marauding Sikhs. It makes fascinating reading to learn how he studied, worked and managed to go to the US, how he developed his business and how the Almighty guided him to put all his efforts and money into the welfare of the poor. He established the organization Saba Trust – Saba Homes and had it registered in Rawalpindi. He has set up a large number of schools and medical clinics, helped affectees of earthquakes and floods, arranged the marriages of thousands of poor girls and arranged scholarships for thousands of poor students. All young people should read this book. May Almighty Allah give Mr. Saghir Ahmed Aslam a long, healthy and happy life – Ameen.

The third very informative book is about Balochistan. It is entitled: Balochistan Aks Aur Haqiqat. It is written by the well-known journalist, Malik Fidaur Rahman. He is from Chakwal, an area famous for producing a martial race and heroes. The book is published by Aaena Publications, Islamabad and Lahore. It is an excellent book, disclosing many facts and myths about Balochistan. Mr. Rahman is a great patriot and admirer of all benefactors of the country. This book describes his often hazardous and dangerous travels to the far corners of the Province. Every page reflects his great love and affection for Balochistan, the Balochis and Pakistan. It is a must read for history and political science students and scholars. My best wishes go to Mr. Malik Fidaur Rahman.

Posted on Oct 24, 17 | 12:51 am