Watch the LNG story video and Cry for Pakistan - BY: Saeed Malik

One cannot find words to describe the rape that Pakistan has been subjected to. What is happening to Pakistan, is happening in broad daylight. The theft and the defense of this theft is open. It is a defense which is pulling apart the hinges which were still left in place despite the ruthless plunder of Pakistan.
We all know this, but there is not a single man, nor an institution, who will come to the rescue of their country. Those who are looting the country are united, committed, and brazen.

Those who are supposed to be standing with the interest of Pakistan, are cowering, diffident and cowardly. They are behaving as if it is shameful to stand with the cause of their country bravely and openly. They are ceding ground to the thieves, the thugs, and the bandits every second of every minute of every day.

Every one now knows that it was beyond yesterday that the time to impose a national emergency had dawned.

Without such an emergency being declared, the headlong fall of the country into the abyss cannot be halted, much less reversed.
But under the constitution, ONLY the prime minister may recommend to the President, to impose emergency rule.

But the Prime Minister is a thief and a puppet of the greatest thief of all.

Emergency rule will per force expose these dacoits and will have to hold them accountable, try them, and hang them.
So the emergency, the crying need of the hour, will not be imposed. And the country will crash. And with it will be dashed every hope of every Pakistani.

This is what happened in 1971, when one half of the country was chopped off. And we can see the end of the half we have been left with. But those who can play saviour to the country will not make a move. They will not move because the constitution does not allow them to do so. They see quite clearly that the constitution has been bastardised through an evil partnership between the two main political parties.

We are in the same state as was Hitler's Germany, where the Reichstag Decress combined with the Enabling Act, to imprison the constitution to spell the doom of the country.

And though they can see this quite clearly, they cannot admit what they see, because admitting it requires courage, which they do not have.

This is now the time for courage and commitment to show themselves. The time of "law" has passed, because the supreme law of the land has itself been debased beyond recognition, by those who are raping their mother[land], and even when she is at her last gasps, they are not willing to let go.

And the guardians stand solemnly at attention, looking the other way, and pretending that the rape is not happening!

Posted on Oct 22, 17 | 6:26 am