Stunning performance of ‘Jeong Ga Ak Hoe’ enthrall Pinditiis at RAC - BY: Sajjad Hussain

Rawalpindi Arts Council

Press Release


Rawalpindi; The stunning Seoul-based group ‘Jeong Ga Ak Hoe’ presented thoroughly unique Korean traditional music alongside with newly composed works for traditional instrument at the jam-packed auditorium of Rawalpindi Art Council. The cultural performance was arranged by the Republic of Korea in collaboration with Rawalpindi Arts Council to mark National Foundation and Armed Forces Day of Korea. The Charge d’ Affairs of Republic of Korea Jin-Wook Kim, Senator Najma Hameed, Legislators from Punjab Assembly Raja Muhammad Hanif Advocate, Lubna Rehan Pirzada flanked by Naheed Manzoor, Resident Director Waqar Ahmed and 1st Secretary In Kook Kim graced the occasion.

The performance was comprised on 9 segments having two parts. It was started with the song Yi Ya Ong which is made of Jeju Island’s Minyo ‘Yi Ya Ong’ motif. It sings the beauty of nature and coexistence of human and nature. The second performance was Yeom-yangchun and it means ‘mellow spring.’ This song is usually played as a solo wind instrument with fancy, straight melody. The third performance was Alio. Those words that have been sung without even knowing the exact meaning in Korean language, “Arirnag, arirang, aririyo” which means Would you know how do I feel?. The performance was followed by A scattered song of 7 minutes. Similarly the second part of the performance was consisted of Yeaongjeaong-geoli, Sajeya, Nanbong-ga, Eolssa, and Uh Cha. The troupe also sung Pakistan songs “Ye Watan Tumhara Hai” and “Dil Dil Pakistan” attaining thunder appreciation with big hands.

Jeong Ga Ak Hoe group is a professional Korean traditional music group founded in 2000. It has specialized in Gagok, Julpungryu and Pansori genres, and has tried to find a way to modernization of Korean traditional music more than westernization. They have received high praise in terms of deep understanding in traditional music and interpretation of aesthetics. At the same time, they have been trying to find a modernized format and sound to appeal to people, and positioning of Korean traditional music of ‘Now’ and ‘Here’ and the music that mingle with contemporary.

Before starting the event, in his welcome address, Jin Wook Kim said ‘Jeong Ga Ak Hoe’ is Seoul based group of very young but extremely talented musicians. He said that they composed stunning music using traditional instruments and new compositions adding that their music has deep roots in the Korean concept of “Johwa” meaing “Harmony” and “balance” Jin Wook Kim further said that these musicians are internationally recognized have used their talents to reinterpret traditional Korean music in a modern way to create stunning new composition. Legislative from Punjab Assembly Raja Muhammad Hanif Advocate as chief guest thanked the Embassy of Korea for providing such a wonderful opportunity and termed the Pak-Korea relations wonderful. He added that cultural relations between the two countries would be more strengthen in future also. There were twelve performers in ‘Jeong Ga Ak Hoe musical group.


Sajjad Hussain
Assistant Director

Posted on Oct 17, 17 | 5:51 am