PRC calls to create Pak-Saudi strategic Commission Resolutions calls for solving issues of Kashmir, Rohingiya; stranded Pakistanis - By: Syed Mussarat Khalil

image Members and Guests with Dr. Al-Ghamdi (sitting 4th from left)

Pakistan Repatriation Council ( PRC ) last night held in VIP hall of Mehran Restaurant 87th anniversary of National day of Saudi Arabia. It was presided by renowned intellectual, writer and ex-diplomat Dr. Ali Al-Ghamdi. President of Engineers Welfare Forum ( EWF ) Dr. Abdul Aleem Khan was the chief guest. Other guests and speakers included Shaikh Salah Al-Rashidy; Mohammad Al-Ghamdi; Mohammad Jamil Rathore general secretary; Amil Usmani of Pakistan Journalists Forum; Mohammad Ali Al-Ghamdi; Community leaders Shamsuddin Altaf, Mohammad Amanatullah, Mohammad Ilyas Meher, Engineers Masroor Elahi; general Secretary; Syed Naseeruddin; Khaled Jawed, Mushir Siddiqui; Wasi Imam of Engineers Welfare Forum; Saleem Abdi of Burmese Muslim Community..

Dr. Ali Ghamdi said in his presidential address thanked PRC for organising the occasion and said it is day not only for Saudis but this is day that all expatriates also celebrates.. He said King Faisal made this day to celebrate as national day. He remembered attending first Saudi National day function held in 1965 in Beach Luxury hotel, Karachi while in that time it was not celebrated in KSA.
He said Kingdom’s shape came in three stages which was completed by King Abdul Aziz ale Saud who united all the states of Najd, Asir, Hijaz and other states and declared it the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1932.
His enforcement of Islamic law made this country of peace; harmony and humanity which also gained credibility in the world. He praised Custodian of two holy mosque King Salman bin Abdul Aziz and crown prince Mohammad bin Salman also praised vision 2030 which will take the Kingdom to new heights insha Allah.

He said Pakistanis were the first incomers in early 60’s to Saudi Arabia and they contributed a lot to the development of basic infra structure of Saudi Arabia. In those days life was tough due to non-availability of many facilities across the kingdom. He said Pak-Saudi relationship is exemplary and based on mutual trust and common goals.

He said his speech will not complete until he talks about plight patriotic Pakistanis languishing in Bangladeshi camps since 1971. He hopes that Pakistani rulers will take measures to solve the issue on priority. He said that Islam teaches rulers to give special care to poor and down trodden people of society and stranded Pakistanis fall in that category who are ignored for 45 years.

Chief guest Dr. Abdul Aleem Khan paid rich tribute to King Abdul Aziz and considered him greatest Muslim thinker and leader of last century. He also praised King Salman and crown prince Mohammad bin Salman. He said every Pakistani would love to die for protecting Saudi Arabia considers it sacred due to Harmain. He said that Saudi Arabia always helped in Pakistan in all fields and always for which we are very thankful. Also Pakistani Engineers immensely contributed to the development of this country. He said PEC; EWF closely working with Saudi Council of Engineers and Islamic Council of Engineers.
He also praised role of Saudi Arabia in solving issues of Kashmir; Palestine; Stranded Pakistanis; Rohingiya; Syria and other issues faced to Muslim Ummah. He prayed that Saudi Pak relationship will continue for ever.

Mohammad Amil Usmani of PJF praised PRC for organising all events related to Pakistan and also Saudi Arabia. He said that he is Saudi Arabia for over 45 years and always witnessed its generosity towards Pakistan and other Muslim states and helped whenever needed.

Leader of Overseas Kashmir Community Raja Mohammad Zareen Khan said that Saudi Arabia has played very important role in supporting the Kashmiri cause and therefore people of Kashmir are always thankful to the kingdom.

Renowned scholar Tariq Mahmoud said that Pakistan and Saudi Arabia cooperate in all the fields and work on similar policy due to fraternal relationship. He also praised Kingdom for supporting Muslim cause in the world. He also urged every one to pray for safety and security of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and also for solving of issues of Kashmir; Palestine; Rohingiyans and other issues faced to Muslim World.

Choudhry Riaz Ghumman general secretary of Pak Media Group congratulated King Salman; Crown prince Mohammad bin Salman and his aids on the national which is proudly celebrated in the Kingdom. He said implementation of Islamic laws made this country safest in the world. He praised Kingdom for helping and supporting Pakistan always.

Member of Business community Shaikh Mohammad Luqman said he spent about half century in this country and considers it as home. He praised King Salman; crown prince Mohammad bin Salman and other members of government for their vision to take this country on new heights. He said tough time comes which only able leadership can solve.

Hamid Islam Khan, deputy convener said that we consider that Saudi Arabia is also our home and it is our duty to dedicate ourselves for this country. He revived PRC’s mission that “ Pakistan will not be complete without joining of Kashmris and repatriation of stranded Pakistanis from Bangladesh.

Renowned Urdu writer Mohammad Amanatullah praised King Abdul Aziz for implementing Islamic ruling under the guidance of renowned religious scholar Mohammad bin Abdul Wahab which brought stability and peace in this country. He said western media portrayed that Saudi Arabia has created another sect of “ Wahibism “ is totally wrong since Saudi Arabia follows original Islam based on Quran and Sunnah.

Pakistan Peoples Community’s leader Shamsuddin Altaf started speech in Arabic and praised King Abdul Aziz for uniting all tribes to create Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which resulted in stability and development in all fields of the country. Saudi Arabia’s handling millions of Pilgrims is unique which is very difficult task. He said Saudi Arabia always stood for the cause of Muslims in particular and Humanity in general without advertising it. He said Pakistan and Saudi Arabia’s relationship is eternal.

Convener Syed Ehsanul Haque thanked Dr. Ghamdi, Dr. Abdul Aleem; Saudi guests Mohammd Al-Ghamdi; Salah Al-Rashidy; speakers, journalists; poets, and community members for participating in Saudi Arabia’s 87th national day event.
He lauded role of King Abdul Aziz and all rulers for leading and serving the Muslim Ummah. He highly commended role of King Salman and crown prince leading with great vision and wisdom in handling the country and other issues faced to Arab and Muslim World.

He said Pak-Saudi relationship is based on eternal Islamic. We need to further enhance and strengthen in handling terrorism; Construction; Trade, manpower, Education, Industry and other opportunities available in the kingdom. He proposed to establishment of “ Pak Saudi Strategic Commission “ to enhance the interest of both states. We noticed countries e.g. Turkey; India and Malaysia working on projects, engineering, IT and other fields while Pakistani organisations are not so eminent while we have enormous talents in the country. Exploring such opportunities could improve our skills and economy, could avoid borrowing from IMF and other donors. In early 70s more Pakistani organisations e.g. AEC Consultants ( for Harmain Projects ); NPCC; Gammon Pakistan; ADA; NCC; Railcorp ( which built Dammam – Riyadh railway lines ) were working in KSA. We still have good chance to work in such fields since our cost of manpower and overhead is very competitive compared to Turkish and Malaysian companies.

He praised speech of prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi in UNO in which he strongly advocated rights of Kashmiris and handling of Afghanistan.

The function was conducted by renowned journalist Syed Musarrat Khalil who also paid tribute to Saudi leadership and congratulated Saudis on this day.

Event started by recitation from holy Quran by Qari Abdul Majeed; Naat ( glorifying Prophet Mohammad ) by Syed Raza Hashmi. Zamurrad Khan Saifi presented poems in tribute to Saudi leadership.

Following resolutions were approved by the audience:

1. We urge prime President Mamnoon Hussain to create “ Pak Saudi Strategic Commission “ to enhance the bilateral relationship to: jointly fight terrorism; improve the quality and magnitude of Manpower; Trade; KSA’s Food need, Education; Training, Investment in Construction and industrial ventures, Power & Water Projects, Tourism, Media, Cultural, and Religious sectors.

2. We urge President Mamnoon Hussain to arrange repatriation and rehabilitation of Pakistanis stranded in Bangladesh. To overcome the paucity of fund, to implement PRC proposal of “settlement of stranded Pakistanis on self finance basis“. Bangladesh should be included in the committee to play it’s role in solving the issue.

Until repatriation is done, Pakistani High Commission at Dhaka should ensure safety and security, provision of food, educational, medical and basic need for Pakistanis stranded in camps.
We praise Nawai waqt; OBAT; MWDO; FOH for extending welfare support to them and urge other charitable organizations e.g. Eidhi, Ansar Burney Trusts and those welfare organizations belonging to Jamaat Islami; PML; MQM ; Tehrike Insaaf; and others to extend financial and basic needs to alleviate their miseries.

4. We urge President Mamnoon Hussain to remind UNO as per it’s resolution to organise plebiscite in Kashmir according to the will of it’s people. Kashmiris must be included inall the negotiations between Pakistan and India. Indian army must be removed from Kashmir until plebiscite is done.
5. We urge OIC to take urgent measures to press Myanmar rulers to stop of genocide of Rohingiyas Muslims and to give them basic rights of citizenship. All those migrated to Bangladesh must be settled back in their province of Rakhine and all protection should be provided by UNO as was done for the Bosnian Muslims against Serbs. OIC should also extend financial help to Bangladesh to take care of refugees food; shelter and health.

Posted on Sep 27, 17 | 10:56 am