RANDOM THOUGHTS: Khairul Bashar (PBUH) -BY: Dr. A.Q. Khan

Khairul Bashar (PBUH)
Dr. A.Q. Khan


Today’s column is a review of one of the most important books on Seerutun Nabvi compiled and written by my good friend, Muhammad Abdul Rauf Siddiqui, former Minister of Interior, Excise and Customs, Culture, Tourism and Sports, Industries, etc. It is entitled Khairul Bashar (PBUH)and is published by Fima Amazing Process, Karachi (021-36366895). It is also available from S.B. 21717, Riyadh 11485, Saudi Arabia. Rauf Siddiqui is an excellent writer of Urdu poetry and prose. It is because of his literary activities that we became good friends. He was a good, competent Minister and a staunch supporter of Altaf Hussain. However, the day Altaf Hussain spoke against Pakistan, he broke off with him and declared him to be a traitor.

Rauf Siddiqui is related to a well-known literary figure of Lucknow. His maternal grandfather was the famous poet Natiq Lucknawi (Hakim Syed Abul Ala Saeed Ahmed). The very same Natiq whose following two verses show his great love for our Holy Prophet (PBUH). “Naar ko nur kerdia sarware; Kainat wo jo legithi Tur per aake nain bujhi Hijaz main” (The fire was turned into peaceful light by the Holy Prophet; the fire that was started [by the Almighty at Tur] settled in Hijaz.) “Aajiz hey zuban Natiq, Alfaz hain nakafi; Tareef adad kya ho sarkar do alam ki” (My tongue is helpless; Natiq and I don’t find adequate words to express myself. It is so difficult to praise the Holy Prophet [PBUH]). This spirit of Natiq (love for the Holy Prophet) has come down to Rauf Siddiqui.

Some time ago, Rauf Siddiqui wrote an excellent book on the history of the Kabah, which I had reviewed in one of my columns. In order to give you some idea of the importance and value of the book under review, I am quoting some great religious Islamic scholars. Dr. Saleh Zainelabidin at-Shebi, custodian of the keys of the Kabah, says: “I am highly impressed by the efforts of Mr. Rauf Siddiqui who has written an excellent book on Seerate-Nabvi. He has covered all aspects of the life of our Holy Prophet (PBUH) in such a manner that it covers all the important matters related to our Holy Prophet as declared by the Almighty in Surah Ahzah, Ayat 21 (We have indeed, in the Apostle of Allah, a beautiful pattern of conduct for anyone whose hope is in Allah and in the Final Day). I pray to Allah to shower His Blessings on Rauf Siddiqui – Ameen.” Sahibzada Muhammad Rehan Amjad Ali Naumani, Head of Darul Ulum Amjadia Karachi, says: “The book by Rauf Siddiqui is an excellent work on Seeratun Nabvi. This is a source of peace of mind and heart of a momin. When you read it, you go into a trance, forgetting all other things. May Allah shower His boundless Blessings on Rauf Siddiqui – Ameen.” Mr. Mufti Muhammad Naeem, Head of Jamiah Binnoria Aalya, Karachi, says: “The life of our Holy Prophet (PBUH) is a lesson of light for the whole of humanity. Mr. Rauf Siddiqui has collected, for the sake of a successful life for all, all the aspects of the life of the Holy Prophet. This book can guide us all and help us all to follow in the footsteps of our Holy Prophet. This work by Mr. Rauf Siddiqui is highly commendable. Rauf Siddiqui has done a great favour to the whole nation. This book is going to be an excellent reference work for religious students and scholars. This book must be in every house, university library and religious school. The Almighty has blessed the author with great talent for writing (and reading) and his earlier book on the History of the Kabah was a masterpiece. May Allah shower His blessings on him and his family – Ameen.” Allah Tahir Johari says: In the pre-partition sub-continent there were many such famous scholars and families and the dedication of a book to them was a great honour. The elders of Mr. Siddiqui were famous literary and religious figures. Rauf Siddiqui has got it all in his genes and this has made him an excellent scholar. I believe that he would soon be writing a book on those who have been mentioned in Darood-e-Ibrahimia. May Allah shower His unlimited blessings on him and his family – Ameen. Hafiz Muhammad Sulfi, Principal Jamiah Sattaria Islamia, Gulshane-Iqbal, Karachi, says: “After Almighty Allah, our beloved Prophet (PBUH) is the only one about whom so much has been written. The depth and care with which Mr. Rauf Siddiqui has compiled and written this book is highly commendable. The book is a masterpiece, highly informative and authentic. This noble work will ensure Jannah for Mr. Rauf Siddiqui. I hope all Islamic scholars will benefit from this excellent work. Only the Almighty will reward Mr. Rauf Siddiqui for serving His noble Apostle.” Finally, Mr. Abdul Malik, Managing Director, Darus Salam Publishers, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia says: “I am extremely pleased that Mr. Rauf Siddiqui has compiled and written this invaluable book in such a simple, legible style. Every word written by him reflects his immense love for our Holy Prophet (PBUH). I personally was not aware of many of the facts which I learnt from this book. He is probably the first politician and Minister who has earned this distinction. May Allah shower His blessings on him and on his family – Ameen.”

The esteem in which the Almighty Allah held His Apostle (PBUH) is evident from the fact that he was the last Messengar and that in the Quran it is said: “He who obeys the Apostle, obeys Allah” – Alhamdulillah!

Posted on Aug 29, 17 | 11:06 am