Important interview with Mr Farogh Naseem on legal issues - (with thanks to Saeed malik)

I strongly recommend that you see this interview from minute 13 to minute 23.

From day one it should have been clear to all that with Ch Qamar Zaman retaining his office in NAB, the chances are that he will ruin all the efforts of the S ​upreme C ​ourt​ and JIT towards meeting out justice to Nawaz Sharif and company.

But people like us think like laymen. When you see this interview, you will know how the Judic ​i​ al effort will be wrecked by this one corrupt individual. And already the steps he is taking can be clearly seen going that way.

Like his master Nawaz Sharif, he is openly daring the powers that be with his attitude. And the longer the rope he is being given, so the credibility of the S.C and the Army is falling. This is seen as an attestation of their helplessness against by both the S.C and the Army.

I am grouping the Army with the S.C on this issue because, like it or not, both these institutions have been under attack by N.S. And both are quiet, having taken a retiring posture. This posture has to be changed, because a very wrong message is being sent by this to the people of Pakistan. This is the sort of message which incubates anarchy.

Please do your best that this video be seen by as many members of the Judiciary or the Army high command that you may know. They should become seized to the situation which is likely to blow up, unless they take counter actions. And these counter actions need be taken not for their egos but for the interests of the country.

Posted on Aug 23, 17 | 1:15 am