RANDOM THOUGHTS: Panama, Nawaz and the Judiciary - BY: Dr. A.Q. Khan

Panama, Nawaz and the Judiciary
Dr. A.Q. Khan


The show and the theatrics have ended. All the rhetoric by Danyal Aziz, Talal Chaudhry, Mariam Aurangzeb, Dr. Mussaddaz Malik and Dr. Arif Kirmani is over. The end result is that Nawaz Sharif is no longer a tiger. As each day passed the tone of those surrounding him became more and more aggressive and insulting to the JIT and the Supreme Court Judges. Even Hussain, Hassan and Mariam behaved like authoritarian politicians. All these actors made a laughing stock out of Pakistan.

Nawaz Sharif’s rally from Islamabad to Lahore caused a lot of inconvenience to the public, as these public rallies invariably do. It even cost the lives of two people, one of them a young boy of 12. What a waste of human lives for no purpose. Capt. Safdar ironically called it the first martyrdom of a democracy march and compared it to the most noble martyrdoms of those who were killed by the Hindus. It is so easy to joke or make little of the misery of others.

History is full of golden sayings about people like our leaders. To quote two: “Those whom God wishes to destroy, He first makes them look mad.” “Whom God wants to give a lot of pain, He first takes away his wisdom.” Unfortunately we have many such “lucky” people and they are our rulers.

One wonders if those we saw in the multitudes had nothing more productive to do. Were they uneducated and unemployed, only out for a bit of fun and free meals? In our country it is relatively easy to collect ten to fifteen thousand people in a short time given some minor incentive or a bit of action.

I was shocked to hear Nawaz Sharif asking the honourable judges to tell him the reason for his disqualification. He even demanded they justify if they themselves were qualified to disqualify him. The only sane person, Ch. Nisar Ali Khan, was not heard. Instead of sobriety and calm, Nawaz Sharif is indulging in nonsense speeches and annoying the honourable judges. He is totally ignoring the fact that more accountability can still be his share. As Barrister Ali Zafar (my learned lawyer) has pointed out, the judges were lenient in their decision. They could easily have sent him behind bars for producing counterfeit documents and lying.

Nawaz Sharif has also claimed to be the Prime Minister of 200 million people. Is he including members of all the other parties as his servants and supporters? We know that about 80 million are listed as voters, of which about 40 million actually participate in elections. Out of this, 14,800,000 (not 200 million) were won by the PML(N).

This so-called “power show” did not impress as Imran Khan, Dr. Tahirul Qadri, the MQM and Asif Ali Zardari can all easily gather together 50 to 100 thousand people. Mian Sb, please do not be overly impressed by such mobs. You still have to face whatever NAB and the Supreme Court still have in store for you.

Many of us still remember how, when Benazir Bhutto came to Lahore from abroad during the tenure of Gen. Zia, about 500,000 people gathered there to greet her. At that time she even boasted that she could take over the government. A few days later, when Gen. S.A.Z. Naqvi and I met the President, he laughingly said that she seemed to have forgotten the fate that befell her father who was far more popular than she was.

Nawaz Sharif is now roaring (or bemoaning?) and is indulging in all kinds of rhetoric, but when the judgment was announced he did not dare to stay a day longer in PM House. He should realize that he is not the first (nor is likely to be the last) PM to face this kind of end to his term. All over the world history is full of examples of other Prime Ministers who faced the same fate when they indulged in unlawful activities – i.e. Israel, Korea, Italy, Brazil, America, etc.

It is a fact known by all that the wealth accumulated by the Nawaz Sharif family, both domestically and abroad, is not always honestly come by. His sons were not Bill Gates or Steve Jobs to amass billions in a short span of time. Had their record been clean and above board, the honourable judges would not have touched their father. However, Nawaz Sharif and his children could not satisfy the judges on this score. Please refrain from casting doubts about the intelligence and competence of the judges. Yes, the judiciary has had its bleak days and its black sheep (Justice Munir, Justice Anwarul Haq, Justice Irshad H. Khan), but they were exceptions.
Regarding claims that the money was not stolen or sent from Pakistan has no substance. Those who bribe, deliver these bribes to wherever you want it – Dubai, London, Switzerland, etc.

Regarding the claims that there is no more load shedding, these are false. Some places still have as much as 8 hours a day! No new employment opportunities have been created, no peace established (target killings still continue), PIA is still in a mess, etc. etc. The problem is that inexperienced sycophants get placed where professionals should have been, thus destroying institutions.

People have been invited to revolt, to take law into their own hands. We have all read how bloody and cruel the Russian and French revolutions were and many of us have seen on TV or witnessed in person the Iranian revolutions and our Partition and know how bloody they were. Would anyone want that for our country? A revolution is always bloody, remember that.

Nawaz Sharif always brags about having made Pakistan a nuclear power. Where was he when we delivered to the army more than a decade before the tests? The credit, besides KRL who did the job, goes primarily to Mr. Bhutto, who made possible the start of the programme and to Gen. Zia and Mr. Ghulam Ishaq Khan, who not only fully supported it, but did not succumb to US pressures or bribes offered. Many people know that Nawaz Sharif had no other option!

Posted on Aug 22, 17 | 9:34 am