The Heinous Act- The Deaths At The Gorakhpur Hospital - By: Balbir Singh Sooch-Sikh Vichar Manch

image Over 60 children have died in the last five days at the Gorakhpur hospital (PTI)

The Indian politicians seldom speak truth and whatever is in their heart-mind, they never speak and whatever is not in their heart-mind, they speak undoubtedly.

There was a question to an Indian politician that your background rather you joined politics after leaving immaturely the Indian Air Force, where nobody hide anything, but speaks truth dutifully.

And, that politician answered affirmatively and even in more detail openly during his interview on TV, which I personally seen and heard him on TV long ago. Now, he is no more in this world.

The politician further clarified that after joining politics, I as Indian politician seldom speaks truth and whatever is in my heart-mind and now I speak only whatever is not in my heart-mind, he replied undoubtedly.

As Chief Minister of UP, Yogi Adityanath said “it would be a 'heinous act' if the deaths at the Gorakhpur hospital were caused by a disruption in the supply of oxygen” and “the similar other statements even contradictory on the same day of Indian politicians on such very sad and of unbearable painful incidents for the closely related, they express, but after a few minutes or hours, the same politicians at some other place of festive nature, express himself saying joyfully that he never enjoyed such a happy and good day in his life”, reminded me the above interview of an Indian politician on TV.”

It could be a matter of great satisfaction for all of us provided Chief Minister of UP, Yogi Adityanath spoke from his heart-mind about ‘The Heinous Act- The Deaths At The Gorakhpur Hospital.’

The author of this condolence note or comment feels always among those who never or rarely speak truth, but we do act and live in our life like hypocrites due to our own greed like inhuman and so on, ending and resulting into our own sufferings in life.

Judging himself and all over, the author of this condolence note or comment once wrote, God and Truth No Line In Between: Truth or Heaven: finding no answer so far:

Posted on Aug 15, 17 | 12:57 am