EWF urges budget allocation for Education and Science in Pakistan - BY: SYED MUSSARAT KHALIL


The Engineers Welfare Forum (EWF), held last night a program on Eid Millan ( get together ) at Salt & Pepper restaurant, Jeddah. Chief guest at the occasion was senior Pakistani journalist Syed Muzaffer Ejaz editor of Jasarat and ex-Editor of Urdu News. Dr. Asif Ahmed Khan was key note speaker.
One of the founder member of EWF Engineer Asif Butt spoke about objective of EWF and its achievement which included professional seminar; publication of magazine; interaction with other engineering and professional organization. EWF has formally singed MOU with Saudi Council of Engineers in sharing professional program. Also signed MOU with Jeddah Chamber of Commerce to run vocational training institute to train Saudi and Pakistani technicians for leading to active jobs.
Muzaffer Ejaz praised the activities of EWF in professional; social and national sectors. He said Pakistani Engineers and Scientists have been recognized by the world as highly talented and capable. Also Muslims Scientists have played very strong role in Scientific deverlopment. Unfortunately the west has adapted and claimed it was their invention instead of giving credibility to Muslim Scientists. He said that Algebra; Chemistry; Missile; shaft and even aviation technology was discovered by Muslim Scientists. So it is high time that Pakistani Engineers and Scientists lead the Muslims World and work for progress of the world. He also urged Pakistanis to be cautious about lot of media mis information which they do for the vested interest. We need to be selective about those media who speak truth and work the best interest of the country rather than their own interest.
Earlier senior journalist Syed Musarrat Khalil talked about Muaffer Ejaz that he is doing journalism for over 35 years in which he was associated with Jasarat; Urdu News; Bisat; and Tv channels Rah and Royal. He also wrote books on Russian occupation and creation of Bangladesh. He is also planning to publish his book which will be collection of his articles published in Jasarat and Bisat.
Dr. Asif Khan made key note speech on “ Pakistan and Quran “ in which he elaborated that Pakistan was established in the name of Islam and this is the only bond among people to remain united. He said Quran provides basis of Science and Technology and Muslims proved to be leaders in Science and technology when Bagdad was the center of education and science. However with decline of Muslim world, scientists also failed to play their role. Once of the reason west succeeded in scientific development due to heavy investment on research and development while in Pakistan and Muslim world there is minimal investment on education and no investment in Research and development. He said that west has developed in science on material basis and ignored the spiritual values of humanity hence they failed to recognize and God and his power. Islam teaches us on the basis of Allah’s creation which human should discover and praise Allah’s creation which not only will develop the science will also take care of human factor.

Engr. Masroor Elahi Khan; general secretary of EWF thanked Syed Muzaffer Ejaz; Dr. Asif Ahmed Khan and all guests and speakers for joining the event. He urged that Engineers; Doctors; Lawyers; and every one work with honesty and sincereity for the country then very soon Pakistan will rise to acquire it’s true position in the globe. He said EWF team visited Pakistan along with Saudi traders and investors which brought very positive result and those agencies are asking EWF to organize similar trip again.
Dr. Abdul Aleem Khan said in his presidential address that Pakistani Scientists are highly capable in their job and its achievement in Nuclear; Missile technology; F17; Tank and other technology not only made our defense very safe; Pakistan also able to export F17 and other defense equipment. He also urged the government to allocate major fund for education and Research and Development to allow our Scientists and Engineers to work for the country rather than immigrating to west.
Program started with recitation of holy Quran by Engr. Qari Asif and Naat by Syed Raza Hashmi. Program was conducted by engineer Syed Ehsanul Haque.
At the end Mufti Habibur Rahman made joint supplication for safety; security and unity in Saudi Arabia; Pakistan in particular and Ummat Muslimah in general. He also prayed for the solution of issues faced to Muslim world including Palestine; Kashmir; stranded Pakistanis; Syria; Yemen; Burmese Muslims.
Prayed for Allah’s forgiveness and mercy and blessing on the soul of late architect Shamsuz Zaman who died due to heart attack in Jeddah. He was one of the founders and active member of EWF.

Posted on Jul 19, 17 | 12:37 pm