FOOLPROOF AGENDA :: Advani says scrap EVMs - (with thanks to Balbir Singh Sooch)

"BJP leader LK Advani has raised questions about electronic voting machines being tamper proof.

He has demanded that ballot boxes be re-introduced, starting with Maharashtra elections and other states later this year.

In an interview to the Sunday Indian Express, Advani said that ballot papers should be brought back to ensure fair elections.

Advani said, "We should revert to ballot papers unless the Election Commission is able to ensure that Electronic Voting Machines are foolproof and every possibility of their malfunctioning is taken care of. No one is raising any questions like rigging or malpractices in the elections, but the possibility of EVMs' malfunctioning must be addressed".

Reports suggest the Election Commission is already looking into charges of rigging through EVMs.

Advani told the paper that there is a strong possibility of the machines malfunctioning.

This is the first time that a mainstream political party has raised questions over the reliability of EVMs.

The issue has been re-ignited with former Delhi chief secretary Omesh Saigal claiming that "rigging of EVMs is very much possible

Posted on Jun 30, 17 | 12:46 am