Kids Enthrall the Audience at PWC Annual Quran Recitation Competition - By: Fayyaz Malik


Keeping its tradition to involve the larger Pakistani community in Riyadh in creative and rewarding ways, Pakistan Writers’ Club (PWC) and the Ladies Chapter (LC) hosted its consecutive 22nd Annual Quranic Recitation Competition in a local restaurant.

The competition was well-attended by a large number of parents, journalists, PWC members and the notables of the community. Pakistan Embassy’s Community Welfare Attaché Mehmood Latif graced the event as the Chief Guest, along with Mr. Shamshad Siddiqui, Mr. Amir Shahzad, and Mr. Aziz Khan as Guests of Honor.

Spanning over three hours, the program’s proceedings were skillfully managed by PWC’s Ashiq Hussain and the Ladies Chapter’s Shumaila Malik. Around 30 boys and girls ranging from 8 to 15 years of age were among the contestants.

The program was opened with the beautiful recitation of the Holy Quran by Bilal Afzal. After that Almas Mumtaz of LC presented a melodious rendition of na’at followed by a description of the selection process of reciters and the rules and regulations by Ashiq Hussain. He said the selection process started three weeks prior to the announcement of the event. Parents and contestants were made aware of the rules and regulations of the contest in advance which bound the reciters to choose the number of verses they could complete within 3 to 4 minutes. If the contestants exceeded the time limit, it would cost them negative marking. A good number of contestants abided by these rules.

Later on, Ashiq introduced the sponsoring contributions made by Shamshad Siddiqui, M. Idrees, Tanvir Mian, Aziz Khan, Ch. Sajjad Ali, Sheikh Saeed, and Shahnaz Qureshi. Others like; Tassaduq Gillani, Prof. Javd Iqbal, Zaheer Maqbool, Faisal Alvi, Imran, Ch. Bashir, Tasnim Amjad, Waseem Sajid, Rashid Butt and Irum Amir offered cash prizes and gifts for judges and the contestants.

The recitation session was carried out by inviting the young reciters, one by one, from the two groups of boys and girls. The young Qura’a mesmerized the judges and the audiences with their various styles of Quranic renditions. The respect for the Quranic verses, enthusiasm and the hard-work in their training was clearly seen in reciter’s renditions. The members of the audience showered their praise and encouragement to the contestants who presented their selected verses duly following the standard rules of Qira’at. The listeners particularly appreciated the verve and the energy shown by the young reciters who were among the age group of 8 and 9. Shumaila Malik and Ashiq Hussain kept the audiences engaged with their quotes from the holy Quran and Ahadeeth.
The last contestant recited his part to the jam packed hall where parents were anxiously waiting for the results. While the three judges compiled the results separately, Shahnaz Qureshi, a renowned poetess and Fayyaz Malik presented their poetic eulogies to the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him). The Chief Guest, Community Welfare Attaché, Mehmood Latif came on to the stage and appreciated the contestants for their love and melodious rendition of the Holy Quran. He said that it was an honor for him to attend this august gathering of so many reciters who enthralled everyone with their talent. He also praised PWC for creating opportunities for Pakistani expatriates to build a well-connected community through such events.

Finally, the results were announced for the awaiting parents. Mohammad Abdurrahman Afzal, Zulnon Sohail, and Abdullah Bin Masood were declared winners for the first, second and the third prizes, respectively, among boys’ group. While on the girls’ side, Adeena Mishal, Aatika Fatima, and Hania Fatima received the first, second and the third prizes respectively. A special announcement was made for the budding journalist Zaka Ullah Mohsin to receive an honorary shield as a token of his journalistic services to the Pakistani community.

The chief guest and other honorary guests along with the president of PWC Mr. Rauf Mughal and the convener LC, Mrs. Madiha Malik distributed the shields, certificates, prizes and gifts for the contestants and the winners. Mr. Rauf Mughal presented honorary shields to the Guests of honor Fahad Siddique, Aziz Khan and to Amir Shahzad. In recognition of the generous contributions made by those who sponsored the program, Mr. Rauf Mughal invited Ch. Bashir, Wasim Sajid, Faisal Alvi, and Prf. Javed Iqbal on to the stage to receive their honorary shields. At the end Mr. Mughal extended his note of thanks to all at the end. The beautiful event came to an end close the break of dawn with a sumptuous Suhoor. People left the venue with hearts full of veneration for the Holy Quran.

Fayyaz Haider Malik is an Academic and a Freelance writerimage image

Posted on Jun 18, 17 | 4:11 am