Measuring Ramadan – A Unique & Blessed Month - By: Aymen Zaheer

image Ramadan – an sacred month - is a month of noble practice & deeds in the Muslim World. It is a time of self-analysis and of soul-searching. Every Muslim knows the extent of its blessings.

Fasting is one of the basic pillars of Islam. Any building without its pillar is bound to crumble down. If any or all of them is not present or malfunctions, surely, the building will be dashed to the ground. Just to offer prayers is not the observance of Islam. All the five pillars must be strong to get the essence of complete faith.

Ramadan is a month of Fasting. Fasting is not to stay hungry alone.. It is a practice to learn self-control, which is the keynote of success. While observing fast, a person submits before the will of Allah (God). Anyone who molds one’s intention towards Allah’s path, Allah (S.W.T.) makes everything easy and peaceful for him.

Fasting is actually limiting one’s senses from pledging sinful acts. It is a common experience, a person, who is fasting, sense in pargeted zone, where he avoids every big and small sin. Also, we have to avoid Backbiting since it is one of the great sins in Islam.

Here the most significant thing is the level of purity in intentions, So, it can be said; “Intentions are directly proportional to reward.”

If a person has intention to offer all prayers, do good deeds, bring ease for others, give Zakat; likewise, his reward will be reciprocated.

Fasting has many scientific benefits. First of all, it regulates all body functions since the entire human body works 24/7, and machines are depreciated. Similarly, during fasting hours, the system of the human body takes some rest and respond much efficiently.

Ramadan is the month of tolerance. Tolerance is an important behavior of life. If someone gets hurt by anyone, he forgives others only for the sake of Allah. It’s a good month to teach oneself tolerance. Most of the time, people behave with tolerance outside the home, but on the dining table, they lose their tempo on the petty issue of salt. Fasting does not educate such attitude. It is necessary from door step to road signal. It is the time of revitalizing soul by the name of Allah (S.W.T.).

Ramadan is the month of sharing. Sharing time with others in a positive way is also a blessing. Also, any single penny spending in this month, has great virtue and ample reward from Allah. We can also take an example of our Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), who used to spend in Ramadan like no other month. In this regard, Zakat is very effective tool to circulate your wealth to the needy. It is the sort of workshop where a person learns different patterns of good deeds for the rest of life.

Ramadan is a month of contentment. A person who becomes satisfied with his lot, he is the richest person in the world, and keep remembering that if you are grateful, Allah will bestow more favors to you.

Just to sum up, it can be said that fasting is a chain reaction of good deeds. It is a colossal multiplier of reward, and no one can measure its reward except Allah. Every moment is soaked in spirituality. A good observance of Ramadan is an opportunity to be successful in this world, and hereafter. To subdue the matters according to Allah’s will is the biggest achievement of life and after that no one can belittle you or cause you any loss for you have journeyed on the path of piety and now you only expect reward from the Creator, not the Creature.

Aymen Zaheer is a Freelance Writer based in Riyadh.
He is also Deputy General Secretary and PRO of Pakistan Writers Club in Riyadh

Posted on Jun 16, 17 | 4:14 am