RANDOM THOUGHTS: Treasures of Knowledge - BY: Dr. A.Q. Khan

Treasures of Knowledge
Dr. A.Q. Khan


We are all more or less fed up with the overkill of rhetoric about the Panama Leaks and politicians accusing each other of wrongdoing. Some time ago we were thankful that we were saved from Altaf Hussain’s ravings, but his place has been by the current turn of events. Rather than politics, I once again turn to books (never enough of them).

The first very interesting book is Tazkirah-e-Personalities of Bhopal”. Many of you must be aware by now of my great love of Bhopal State. It is now about 65 years ago since I left there and I still get homesick whenever I hear about Bhopal!

This excellent book has been compiled by Shagufta Farhat and her literary husband, Awais Adeeb Ansari. It has been beautifully published by Al-Quadir Press, Korangi. It contains coloured pictures of all the well-known personalities of Bhopal. If not available at a nearby bookstore, it can be obtained by calling 0345-2470245 and 021-34593977.

Here are some comments on the book by noted personalities. Sharyar M. Khan, Former Secretary General Foreign Affairs and a Prince of Bhopal, quotes Mustafa Taj of Bhopali, a humorous figure, as saying: “Shagufta and Awais are the best representatives of Bhopal. They are at least one of those who remember Bhopal even when living in Pakistan. I have very pleasant memories of Bhopal. When I went through this excellent book, I read about many famous Bhopalis; many of them I knew personally. This book refreshed all those pleasant old memories. I wish that Shagufta and her husband would keep on highlighting Bhopali personalities. As far as I know, no such book has ever been published in Pakistan before. I offer my sincere accolade for their effort.”

Jamiluddin Aali wrote: “This beautiful, voluminous book on Bhopal written by Shagufta Farhat is a treat to read. There is an article on our Mohsin-e-Pakistan, Dr. A.Q. Khan, a Bhopali. Bhopal had a unique position in India. It produced many famous literary figures. It is very difficult to mention all the luminaries of Bhopal in any one book, but Shagufta has done an excellent job. I know Shagufta personally and am familiar with her untiring efforts to project famous Bhopalis. By doing so, she has herself become a luminary.”

Dr. Ferman Fatehpuri wrote: “I have Shagufta’s book in my hands and am enjoying the history of Bhopal and its great citizens. It is not just a summary, but a complete history of Bhopal and Bhopalis. The Almighty blessed Shagufta with the honour of writing this fine book. It is not only the history of Bhopal, but the history of the Indo-Pakistan sub-continent. I wholeheartedly commend this excellent work by Shagufta. I wish I could express my views in an open gathering. I am pleased to know that the book launching ceremony will be presided over by the shining star of Bhopal, viz. Mohsin-e-Pakistan, Dr. A.Q. Khan.”

Prof. Sehar Ansari wrote: “Bhopal has a unique position in the State of India. It is because many of the rulers if this beautiful State were very capable and intelligent ladies. Before Partition, it was a paradise for literary, cultural and religious activities. There was an exemplary rule of law. Such dignitaries as Jigar Muradabadi Niaz Fatehpuri, Josh Malihabadi, Allama Iqbal, etc. frequently enjoyed the generous hospitality of the State. Bhopal itself produced many literary giants. It is highly commendable that Shagufta did such a fine job, which is authentic history.”

Prof. Dr. Pirzada Qasim wrote: “This is a most precious gift for Bhopalis. But when you talk about Nawab Hamidullah Khan, Nawab Siddiq Hassan Khan, Mulla Ramuzi, Dr. A.Q. Khan, Admiral Saeed M. Khan, Air Vice Marshal Saeed Ahmad Ansari, Bashir Badar, Hanif Fauq, Muzaffar Hanfi, Syed Hamid, Javed Akhtar, Jan Nisar Akhtar, Razia Hamid, Prof. Afaq Siddiqui, Muhammad Ahmad Sabzwari, Sehba Lakhnavi, Sheri Bhopali, Moeen Ahmad Jazbi, Mohsin Bhopali, Sen. Khushbakht Shujaat, Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan, Anwar Ahmad Khan, Shoaib Qureshi, Brig. Farooq, Air Commodore Habibur Rehman Khan, etc. and other world famous hockey players, actors, etc., then this is a highly informative book.”

Dr. A.Q. Khan wrote: “I am extremely pleased that a daughter of Bhopal has done such a fine and highly commendable work. Shagufta has been a torch bearer of Bhopal International Forum and Lovers of Bhopal Forum. She is always reminding us of our beloved Bhopal. She has been holding functions to bring together Bhopalis and others and to let them know about the great cultural aspects of Bhopal. No other State in India equaled the importance and fame of Bhopal State. I am proud to be a Bhopali.”

Muhammad Ahmad Sabzwari wrote: “I want to tell you about a person who was not born in Bhopal but had heard all the interesting and nice things from her parents and other elders. She came to know about the Begums of Bhopal, their excellent administrations, their bravery. The more she visited Bhopal, the more she fell in love with it. How beautifully she has described Bhopal and its values is worth reading. She came to know how honest, simple, content and humorous Bhopalis were.”

Mustafa Taj Bhopali wrote: “Really Shagufta is an ambassador of everything Bhopali. When the not-so-well to do Bhopalis see their pictures, their achievements in this excellent book, they are highly delighted and feel proud to be a Bhopali. History will judge Shagufa, not me. She is a shining star of Bhopal. She is a real ambassador of Bhopal and she earned this distinction by putting her soul into promoting Bhopal and its famous personalities and values.”

The second, very informative book is a religious one. It is the 4th volume of Majmuatal Tasafeer. As with the previous 3 volumes, it has been compiled by Haji Muhammed Mubin, beautifully published by Iqra Academy, Quetta and its printing and distribution is the responsibility of Qari Abdul Malik (0313-8368879). He is also the Head of Iqra Academy for Tafaseer and a religious teacher. These two religious scholars are planning to complete the Tasfeer in 10 volumes. May Almighty Allah shower His blessings on their efforts and enable them to complete this invaluable work during their lifetime – Ameen.

Posted on Jun 12, 17 | 2:49 am