Observing World Day against Child Labor - By: Qundeel Aymen

image Sometimes ignorance is better than thoughtless education. People get heaps of degrees, but merely a piece of paper can’t measure the worth of life. People do what they have observed, not what they have experienced.

Child Labor is the global issue. Every time, Slogans are raised and soon get vanished. Everyone knows that Child Labor is not a good practice. It is an open violation of basic human rights, but still people prefer to employ children as workers in various countries.

To promote education is a key wheel to regulate the system of any government. Most probably, different régime in this world of ours are also introducing educational policies to get rid of child abusers.

No doubt Child Labor can be ended by attaining such educational standards. Perhaps the purpose of Life is to feed the stomach – from a newborn baby to adults.

Since the real cause of Child Labor is poverty – we can say its extreme poverty which may lead any child to indulge in it and sometime, parents are forced to employ their children, just for a loaf of the breed.

Child Labor, observed in numerous forms such as Beggars, domestic servants, mine workers, brick maker, debt bondage and selling pretty items on traffic signals.

Normally, children are compelled to work at low wages. This is another sort of exploitation, and it’s now a day to day phenomenon.

Children are the assets of any nation. If they will ruin their prime time in toiling for some pennies, just think then What will be the future of that nation?

To be born poor is not a sin, but to die poor is a curse.

Imagine the little fingers which must have pencils all the time, they have the tools to work on a regularly basis. In the sunny days, where children usually play, they are doomed to face the darting rays of the sun. Those little eyes having mischiefs, now are filled with tears.

To snatch childhood is a serious violation of human dignity. The developed country is less prone to this abuse. Due to Child Labor, the economy gets some movement, but never grows.

To conclude, Child Labor must be eliminated by public and private efforts. If every person gives the best what he has, only then this abuse will be combated.

Our children are not bread winner. They must be provided with free schooling, and moral education without any prejudice, and some free allowance should be given to them. For rooting out child labor, the poverty must be ended.

Qundeel Aymen is a Freelance Writer based in Riyadh.
She is also a Public Relations Officer - PRO - of Ladies Chapter aka: PWC-LC
of Pakistan Writers Club in Riyadh – aka: PWC

Posted on Jun 12, 17 | 12:07 am