I, being former Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan, am keenly watching proceedings of the “Panama Case”, particularly hearing by the Special Implementation Bench, meant to supervise process of probe being conducted by JIT, constituted by the Court in pursuance of its judgment dated 20th April, 2017.
It is a matter of great concern for all right thinking citizens of the country that Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala has provided an opportunity to this nation that rule of law be enforced across the board without any distinction and discrimination between ordinary and influential persons, if they are charged for any kind of allegation.
In Panama case, unfortunately Prime Minister of Pakistan and his family are being questioned for allegations alleged against them before Hon’ble Supreme Court and JIT, as it has been explained hereinabove. Prime minister being head of political party as well as Government of Pakistan obviously is in a position directly or indirectly to exert his influence on the JIT.
It is noticeable that during the hearing of Panama Case by the Supreme Court, and now when Implementation Bench and JIT are set to complete process of final determination, based on material being collected. The supporters of Prime Minister, including Ministers, Members of National Assembly as well as Senators have left no stone unturned to use threatening and ferocious statement to undermine the institution of judiciary in as much as one of their leader alleged that Supreme Court has pointed out guns towards Sharif Family. Similarly one of them has equated JIT with as a “Butcher Shop”, whereas one of their Senators, namely Nehal Hashmi crossed all limits in advancing life threats to the Hon’ble Judges as well as their children in his speech being televised widely by media; initially he tendered his resignation from the seat of Senate but subsequently withdrew the same .
Under the circumstances and looking previous record of the Prime Minster and his companions’ attitude towards the institution which are not likely to deliver verdict as per their desire, they would not even avoid to attack on it as it had happened in 1997 when a full fledged attack was launched on the Bench of supreme court Headed, by the then Hon’ble Chief Justice late, Sajjad Ali Shah. The culprits belonging to the Political Party of Mian Mohammed Nawaz Sharif were found guilty, later on for the offence of contempt of court (200 SCMR 1969) “Shahid Orakzai vs. Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz Group) and 8 others”. Copy attached.
In view of above undisputed narrations of facts, I seek indulgence of Interior Ministry of Pakistan, to ensure foolproof security of the Supreme Court and the Judges and their families as well the members of the JIT and their kith and kin, including residences occupied by them immediately. Being their right of protection of life as provided under Article 9 of the Constitution. In addition to it, all Executive Authorities are also bound to act in aid of Supreme Court under Article 190 of the Constitution.

Yours sincerely,

Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry
Former Chief Justice of Pakistan
H. No.222, St. No.50, F-10/4, Islamabad.

1. Secretary, M/o Interior, Govt. of Pakistan, Islamabad.
2. Registrar of Supreme Court of Pakistan, Islamabad.

Posted on Jun 11, 17 | 12:46 am